What Did You Do?

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Opal meets Celia, Petey makes enemies trying to save Cortlandt, and David looks for Cara.

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Alone in her room, Celia complains about her guardian. Evelyn comes in and listens to Celia's pleas for more freedom. Celia thanks her for speaking on her behalf and adds she's tired of the mystery man routine and wants to meet him.

Adam kisses Brooke at the mansion. Opal interrupts with Peter who is ending a phone call as they arrive. Adam thinks Peter doesn't need advice regarding Cortlandt but arranges a meeting for him. Celia misses Peter as she arrives. Brooke introduces her to Opal. Opal realizes what Pete's interests are in staying in Pine Valley. Alone, Brooke mentions Celia's a computer whiz. Opal begins to tell Brooke that Celia's perfect for Petey but she adds "to help him while he's in town." Brooke steps out and Opal deletes a file. Opal texts Petey for help when Celia finds it missing. Celia receives an important text and leaves.

At Jane's, Peter meets with Harris who doesn't like what's being proposed. He refuses Pete's hand when they part.

Peter returns to the mansion. Opal thinks he can catch Celia tomorrow so she can thank him personally for finding the file.

Celia meets Evelyn at Bramwell. Evelyn relays her guardian denied her requests. Celia considers leaving since she's 18. Evelyn reminds her she has no money.

At the hospital, Cara notices David walk by. Griffin startles her and asks what's wrong. She says, "David." Griffin doesn't care and accuses her of not letting David go. Cara regrets sending a letter about the baby. She considers leaving Pine Valley again.

David bumps into Angie. She's admits speaking to the parole board since what happened five years ago was just an accident. He's disappointed hearing about Cara's miscarriage in a letter. He's surprised when Angie admits Cara's in the hospital. She asks him not to look for her as he rushes off. David finds Cara and overhears her with Griffin worrying about what he'd do if he ever found out. He asks, "What'd you do Cara?"

Jesse can't get any leads on Cassandra at home. Zach shows up admitting he checked out the car that picked up Cassie. He doesn't know who used it. Zach recognizes the driver on the video as working for a Russian mob family. He blames them for Kendall leaving after they didn't get a piece of his casino. Jesse wonders what Zach isn't telling him. Angie comes home.

Cassie's abductor brings her breakfast. He slaps her when she kicks the tray away. He decides to teach her a lesson.

Tomorrow’s Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Miranda gets help from AJ.

A mystery is revealed.

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