Home Sweet Home.

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Pine Valley remembers losing someone five years ago, Opal tells Petey why she asked him back, and the doctors check on a patient.

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At home Brooke wakes from a dream when a gun goes off. Adam comforts her. She asks if it will end. She lost so much. AJ says it's been five years and she agrees it's time to move on. Upstairs Miranda tells AJ her social networking problems. Alone Adam asks Brooke to marry him. She responds yes before he asks her a favor. AJ and Miranda join them. Brooke asks Miranda how Bianca is. AJ interrupts yelling, "We have to move on." Later Brooke signs an official document and Adam kisses her.

Miranda is happy Hunter said hi at school. AJ's annoyed and tells her the guy's a player and not cool enough for her.

At home Opal tells a picture of Palmer their boy is coming home. Petey walks in to receive Opal's welcome. He asks what's wrong when she gets melancholy. Opal's sad with Tad being gone. She explains that she asked him back to bring Cortlandt Electronics back from the dead. He thinks it's time to let it go. Opal disagrees.

Pete is out getting air when he sees Celia. He helps her pick up her documents. He asks her name as she rushes off to teach class. He picks up her dropped locket and returns home. He tells Opal he's decided to stay a little longer as he clasps Celia's locket in his hand.

Evelyn tells Celia she's late when she arrives at the school. She promises to reschedule her students' sessions. Evelyn asks her to explain a condom she found.

At the hospital Cara remembers an intimate moment with David. She visits a patient and Griffin comes in asking if anything has changed. She says, "No." He adds, "It's a hell of a way to spend five years." Griffin reminds her she and David are the patient's victims. She's worried David will find out the truth. Griffin thinks David will behind bars for manslaughter for a long time.

Angie wakes to Jesse's breakfast surprise. She knows what he's trying to do. He asks if it's working and scoops her up in an embrace for a kiss. She misses Lucy. He reminds her Lucy only moved to Portland. Alone Jesse leaves Cassandra a message about their surprise. Jesse tries to call again later. Somewhere a ringing cell phone is deliberately smashed underfoot. Jesse calls someone else to inquire if they are almost there and asks, "What do you mean she didn't show?"

Dixie folds clothes and gazes at a photo of her and Tad.

A guard lets David out a back entrance of the prison and asks where he's going. David answers, "Home sweet home." He tells the taxi-driver he was that guy from the Chandler mansion shooting. David visits a grave and confesses to his jail time for what happened but now there will be hell to pay.

Tomorrow’s Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Miranda gets good news from her mother.

Jesse reviews surveillance footage of Cassandra.

Zach Slater receives a call about his casino.

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