Zach Decides to Stop Tad From Testifying

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

Zach plots to find a way to stop Tad from talking. Ryan stops Kendall from telling Tad the truth. Babe pleads with Josh not to go to the police about what he saw.

Zach Decides to Stop Tad From Testifying image

Zach finds a way to shut up Tad.

Dixie finds out that Tad is a witness for the prosecution. Di & Del frantically pack up Dixie's room telling her she has to get out of the country or she'll go to prison. Dixie still cannot believe that Tad would lie to get her, stunned that he hates her that much. Di tells her it doesn't matter any more and she has to run!

She insists she's not going anywhere and she can't do this to Zach. Di and Del tell her she has no choice in the matter, she has to get out now. But Dixie tells them how wonderful and kind a person Zach really is and she won't leave him hanging. Di realizes that Dixie is in love with him.

Zach walks in on them and Di and Del decide to leave telling Dixie if she changes her mind to call them. Zach tells her that running is not the answer and they need to find a way to stop Tad from talking! Dixie asks him how he's going to stop Tad from talking wondering if he's going to hurt him? Dixie tells Zach that Tad doesn't deserve any more suffering and try to understand that she won't hurt Tad again. Dixie continues to beg Zach not to do anything because she's even willing to go to prison not to hurt him any further. He tells her it's not about hurting Tad, it's about protecting them both.

Ryan comes to Fusion looking for Kendall asking Babe if she saw her. Babe snaps that she's sure Kendall is around somewhere making someone's life miserable.

Kendall is on the balcony with Zach sharing a passionate kiss while Josh looks on. They talk about how much they miss each other and Kendall tells him it's getting harder every day. Zach assures her that he's doing everything he can to be home as soon as he can. She replies how much energy it takes for her to pretend to hate him.

Ryan walks in on Kendall and Zach telling them they're crazy to be out in the open where anyone could see them. They tell them no one can see them but Ryan snaps they're lucky HE'S the one that walked in on them.

Josh frustrated, leaves Fusion without explaining anything to Babe but she tries to catch up with him. At the park, Josh recalls working on Madden feverishly trying to save his life. Babe finds him and he admits that he knows who killed Madden. Babe warns him if he thinks he's going to go off on JR again, he didn't kill Madden but Josh interrupts saying he knows it's not JR. He goes on about how Madden may have done a lot of horrible things but didn't deserve to be tortured. He spills out that he knows Dixie and Zach are guilty, that Kendall and the rest of them are lying! Babe can't believe what she's hearing but if it's true, it'll kill JR. He contemplates keeping his mouth shut out of "family" loyalty with Kendall? Babe begs him not to go to the police because it'll break her heart and JR's as well.

Back on the balcony, Kendall apologizes to Ryan telling him they'll try to be more discreet. But Ryan tells them how serious this all is, especially now with Tad as an eyewitness. Zach heads out but Kendall and Ryan talk, trying to figure out what to do about Tad. Kendall thinks Tad will listen if she admits to Tad that Zach and Dixie's affair is one big act! Ryan tries to dissuade her from telling Tad that because it'll confirm his suspicions even further. Kendall snaps asking if he's on her side because if he is, then he's on Zach's side as well. She goes to leave but Ryan grabs her arm telling her that she can't do that. Ryan asks her to just trust him but Kendall demands to know why Tad won't change his story? Ryan admits that Tad is telling the truth and Zach and Dixie killed Madden.

Tad talks with JR telling him that he saw Dixie and Zach loading something very heavy into the trunk of the car. JR tells Tad he'll make sure he doesn't testify. At that moment, in walks Jamie telling him that he's not going to be any easier on Tad.

Tad begs them to listen trying to explain that he's telling the truth. But the guys debate what he thinks he saw and tells Tad he could be wrong. He tells them if he wanted to get even with Dixie, he certainly wouldn't do this. Tad continues that he will refuse to testify but they're going to use his words against him anyway and bugging his apartment was legal.

They ask him why he waited so long and not confront Dixie and Zach when Madden was still alive. JR threatens to make him disappear. Jamie tells JR to calm down on the mafia routine! JR replies that he doesn't mean he'll kill Tad, just bounce him out of the country far from here. Tad tells him he's already planned to leave and knows he cannot be charged as a fugitive if he leaves tonight. Tad tells them that he doesn't want to hurt Dixie any more but if he testifies Dixie will be convicted and he doesn't want her to be away from JR anymore. JR & Jamie ask him if he's certain he can leave his life, his family, everything behind forever? Tad tells them he's willing to make that sacrifice.

JR gets off the phone telling Tad the jet is ready to go. Jamie asks him if he's sure this is what he wants? Krystal interrupts them asking how they could possibly all be in the same room with each other and still be calm?! Tad tells her he's leaving time town for a few days and came by to say goodbye to the boys but Krystal doesn't believe it. JR hands him a bundle of money so he can't be traced through the bank withdrawals. He thanks Tad for doing this for them and for mom, reaching to give him a hug JR tells Tad he loves him.

Talking in the living room Jamie and JR still don't feel relieved by Tad leaving town.

Di runs in the office looking for Tad and asks Aidan where he is? She tells him there's no way Tad is going to testify in court and asks Aidan for help to find out the truth! She tells Aidan that she's been to prison before and she wants to take the blame for Madden's murder but Aidan tells her she's out of her mind. He reluctantly tells her he'll help Di with her plan.

Josh asks if Babe is giving him an ultimatum to choose the truth about Madden over his friendship with her. Zach tries to explain to JR and Jamie what he did to Tad.

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