Erica Tries Again With Josh

Friday, August 25th, 2006

Krystal tells Babe she's headed down the wrong road. Josh tells Erica he "spent the night" with Babe. Tad and Zach square off...again!

Erica Tries Again With Josh image

Erica makes another attempt to reach Josh.

Josh walks into his room to find Erica there. He asks her why she broke into his room? She replies that if she's already inside, he can't slam the door in her face. Erica ordered all his favorite breakfast dishes. He tells her to eat it herself in the hallway. She replies that she understands that he's angry but she wants to try and have a relationship with him. Erica asks him to talk with her. Tell her his likes, dislikes, plans for the future, talk about anything. Josh tells her that he spent the night with one of her favorite people - Babe and it was fantastic.

He explains to her that Babe is the one real friend he has. Josh tells her if he hadn't been there to resuscitate his father, he would have died then and Josh would have never known the truth about her and Jeff. Josh asks her if she was impressed with his skill as a doctor to help Madden? Or was she scared because he brought someone back to life that she despised? He asks her to leave.

Babe walks in the door and Krystal almost knocks her down hugging her. She tells her mom that she was on a quick trip for Fusion with Josh. Krystal tells her she might as well get a divorce now to save JR from heartache. Babe reassures her mom that she loves her husband and Josh and her are business partners and friends. Krystal tells Babe that Josh is in the hospital and what happened between him and David. She tells Babe to go and spend time with JR but don't bother telling him about spending the night in the same room with Josh.

Babe walks over to the door and catches Colby listening in on their conversation. Colby denies she was ...spying... and asks Krystal if she's seen her dress come in yet? Krystal tells her she sent the overpriced piece of string back to where it came from.

Adam and JR walk in hearing Colby and Krystal fighting. JR asks Babe where she's been? Colby tells Babe to ...go ahead, tell JR WHAT HAPPENED.... Babe tells JR what how she landed the deal with Zarf, the rock singer for Fusion and in the midst of it, got drunk with him. She tells him she left JR messages and JR tells her that everyone was trying to call her on her cell. Babe replies that she tried to sober herself up with a shower but accidentally had her phone with her and fried it. Adam tells her that's not business etiquette to get drunk with a client but Babe insists that Zarf was the one who initiated it.

Babe explains to their son that daddy just got a boo... like he did one time. Krystal offers to take the little man to the park and Adam jokes that the doctor told him strenuous activities for awhile.... Adam asks Colby to join them and she spits off that Krystal returned her dress and ....Krystal interrupts and says that she can tell her daddy all about it on the way to the park and they leave Babe and JR alone.

Colby interrupts them and asks if Babe and Josh got Zarf's autograph? JR replies that Josh wasn't there. Colby apologizes telling him she swore she overheard Babe tell her mom that Josh spent the night with her.

JR confronts David and tells him he's going down. David tells him he doesn't buy his threats and laughs. JR replies that he's going to take him down for Madden's murder. David reminds JR that murder requires evidence and there's far more on his mother than him. Blood and fibers don't lie and he tells JR to grow up!

Adam tells JR to leave David alone because he's just off attempted murder charges because the police are out to get him for anything they can. Dixie hugs him goodbye and Adam takes JR home.

Dixie talks to David and thanks him for his help trying to locate Kate. Although she dislikes the fact that he hit her son, she is grateful for other things. David, looking suspiciously at Dixie, tells her there's no way she's framing him for Madden's murder. Dixie tells David that's not what she's trying to do. He snaps that Dixie used him and made him think they had another chance. Dixie apologizes and asks him for some type of friendship for them.

Kendall and Ryan awake the next morning and she thanks him for spending the night. She jumps out of bed wondering why Spike didn't wake up in the middle of the night. Ryan tells her to relax, the baby looks fine. Kendall hugs Spike still thinking there's something wrong. But Ryan assures her that eventually babies sleep through the night and that's all it was.

Kendall thanks him again for staying and Ryan assures her he'll do anything to help her. She asks him if there's something more he wants from her? Ignoring the topic, he tells Kendall that daddy and Spike have a date today. Kendall helps the boys get ready and during it all they take a whole bunch of photos with Spike and his parents.

Zach has it out with Tad? Tad spites off with a list of Zach's ...leftovers... and people he's used. He tells Zach that he knows for certain he wasn't in any hotel room the night Madden died. Zach asks him what he wants from him? Did he plant evidence, fibers and blood to set him and Dixie up? Tad laughs and tells him he didn't plant anything, he saw him in the park that night.

Tad went to the airport that night to look for Madden and when he was returning, he saw Dixie and Zach putting something large in her car.... Very large. Zach tells him that's quite the story. But Tad stands his ground and says it must be quite hard to get rid of something as large as a body. Tad asks him how he did it so quickly? Did he have more help than just Dixie?

Zach smiles at him and replies he didn't know how much Tad hated Dixie until now. Tad denies hating Dixie and doesn't want to be the one to put her in prison. Zach accuses Tad of lying because he hates Dixie and himself. He continues that Dixie's right - Kate is better off with strangers because she doesn't need a father like Tad. Tad rushes towards Zach telling him if he ever mentions his daughter... But Zach stops him and tells him to be very careful. In storms Derek thanking Tad for everything telling him his place was bugged and they just gave them everything they need to finally take Zach and Dixie down.


JR accuses Babe of keeping the truth from him. Tad tells derek he won't testify

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