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Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

News of Stuart spreads, Jack makes a decision, and JR says goodbye to AJ.

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Kit stops by Erica and Jack's place and tells them they have an Oscar winning writer onboard for the movie. He wants her to move out to L.A. immediately to get to work, but it will only be for three months. Erica is excited but she needs to talk to Jack before she makes a decision. Kit leaves and Jack says he knows Erica has already made up her mind. She's knows it's terrible timing, but promises they will still get married. He muses there will always be opportunities like this for her to take because it makes her feel safe from commitment and settling down. There is always something more important then their relationship to her. He doesn't want to live that way anymore and leaves.


At Kendall's, Greenlee and Ryan give Zach and Kendall a romantic weekend in New York. Marissa and Bianca will watch the kids. The Slaters are floored and anxious to spend time alone together. Erica rushes over and tells Kendall and Zach the writer for the movie wants her help, but Jack is against it. Bianca enters, as Zach leaves. The girls side with Jack and urge Erica to let the screenwriter write the movie. They suggests she write her own ending by marrying Jack. Erica will marry Jack, but it won't be an ending to anything. She also won't compromise her goals just to put a ring on her finger. Kendall tells her mother to do what she has to do, but to be honest about why she's doing it. Later, Zach talks privately with Erica. He recalls their Vegas days and says they're not that different. He respects that she's never abandoned her dreams and tells her not to change.


Ryan and Greenlee head to the park. He tells her for the first time in his life he's deeply content and happy. It's because of her. He has finally reached peace about his childhood and leaving his siblings behind in an abusive situation. They cuddle on the bench and she wonders if life gets any better than this. He doesn’t know but thinks they will have fun finding out.


A sullen JR stops by Tad's, where he learns Tad and Dixie are engaged. He thinks it's great they got their happy ending because not everyone is so lucky. He tells them Babe isn't alive. Tad leaves mother and son to talk alone. JR tells Dixie he is tired of fighting and losing. He announces that he's leaving town. She wants him to stay, but JR thinks it's better for everyone, especially AJ, if he leaves. He asks Dixie to help him see his son before he takes off. Dixie calls Krystal to bring AJ over. Once he's there, Dixie tells AJ she has a surprise for him, but it has to be a secret. JR walks into the room and tells his son he has to go away to fix the mistakes he's made. He will miss him like crazy though. AJ tells his dad he loves him. JR tells him to call him for any reason if he needs him.


After Scott finishes rebuilding the gatehouse, Madison helps him shop for it. They go to the park, where Madison admits she misses how it was when they lived together. He would love to get back to that and asks her to consider moving in. She agrees as Scott gets a text. He's shaken up and says they have to go.


Adam and Brooke race to the hospital. They got a call about a family member being brought in and fear it's JR. Adam pushes by Cara and sees Stuart on the gurney. As Griffin tries to save Stuart's life, David tells Adam he needs to wait in the hall. Tad shows up and learns from Cara that Stuart is alive thanks to David. They debate David's actions, but Cara tells Tad David has given her a new life too – she's pregnant. Tad thinks she will be an incredible mother. As David and Griffin fight to save Stuart, Angie brings Adam into the room because Stuart needs the other half of his heart. Adam holds his brother's hand and tells him he loves him and needs him. He begs Stuart to come back to him. Stuart opens his eyes and sees Adam. Adam cries and tells Stuart he is home again, where he belongs. Scott and Madison show up and Scott walks in to see his father. He holds Stuart's hand, as Jesse is forced to bring David back to jail. Adam goes back to Stuart and tells him he was the one who shot him. He knows he doesn’t deserve his forgiveness. Stuart says there is nothing to forgive.

Tad calls Dixie at home and tells her Stuart is alive. Dixie yells after JR who has walked out the door. He looks at his gun and says, "This will take care of everything."


Scott runs to another room in the hospital and finds Marian. He tells her Stuart is alive.

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