It's Been A Hell Of A Ride.

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Kendall and Bianca confront Erica about her book, the Slaters host a family BBQ and JR sees Babe.

It's Been A Hell Of A Ride. image

JR shows up at the lab as Griffin works on the mystery patient. JR calls out for Babe. Griffin says it's not her, but won't let him see who the patient is. They physically fight until Griffin stabs JR with a syringe making him fall to the floor. Griffin leaves with the patient as JR wakes up to an empty room.

JR visits David in his cell and tells him he found his lab. David sees the bruises on his face so he knows JR has no information. JR wants to know if Babe is alive because he can't imagine David wants two vindictive lesbians raising his grandson. David pointedly reminds him that one of those lesbians is his daughter. JR grabs David's shirt and threatens him. A guard pulls JR away as David yells after him that he will never see Babe again.


At Kendall and Zach's, Kendall shows Bianca their mother's book. Kendall is irate because Erica discussed their first confrontation in detail. In a personal aside, Kendall tells the camera it was a day she is glad she had, but she doesn’t want to relive it. Bianca defends their mother, so Kendall suggests Bianca keep reading. Meanwhile, Ryan and Zach begin a new partnership with Jacks' help. They decide to call their foundation the Myrtle Fargate Foundation. Jack leaves to pick up Erica, as Kendall organizes their family BBQ. Once everyone has left to pick up supplies, Kendall tells Zach about Erica's book. He thinks she should let it go for today. She tells him how happy she is that he's back. In Zach's aside, he talks about almost dying. He calls Kendall his angel. His saving grace. He hoes Erica doesn't screw up how well they're doing right now.


Marissa and Bianca go to Krystal's to pick up supplies for the BBQ. Marissa makes her feel better about Erica's book, but Bianca reveals to the camera her true feelings. JR enters looking for AJ, but Marissa reminds him of the restraining order and demands he leave. Once he's gone, Bianca says she won't let JR ruin their day. They grab their bags of food and leave, as JR follows them.


Erica meets with Kit at ConFusion. He wants all the details of her life. One's she hasn't shared yet, meaning Kendall. To the camera, Erica relives Kendall confronting her about giving her up and telling her that she born out of a rape. Erica doesn't know what she would do without her. Erica gets back to Kit and tells him about Bianca and how she has opened her eyes on more than one occasion. In another aside, Erica talks about how impressed and proud she is of Bianca. Kit moves on to talking about Jack, who shows up to bring Erica to the BBQ. Kit tells Jack to get used to living with a movie star.


The gang returns to the house with supplies as Zach and Kendall make out on their couch. Bianca and Kendall rehash Erica's novel, as Bianca says Natalie Portman should play her in the movie. JR lurks as Kendall thinks Sarah Jessica Parker or Sarah Michelle Gelllar should play her. Erica and Jack show up and Kendall suggests she and Bianca talk to their mother. They pull her aside and while Bianca tries to downplay their concerns, Kendall tells Erica they are pissed that all their personal moments are out for public consumption. Erica gets defensive because it's a story about her life and she won't change a thing for the movie. JR sneaks in when everyone disperses, leaving the kids in the living room. He calls AJ over, but AJ knows he's supposed to tell Mommy he's there. JR just wants to tell him how much loves him. Erica returns and tells JR to leave AJ alone. She ushers the kids to the kitchen and orders JR out of the house. The rest of the adults return and Zach throws JR out. Kendall and Erica resume arguing over her book. Erica promises to tell her story with the respect it deserves but she won't water it down. Zach interrupts them saying Ryan wants to make a toast. Ryan toasts to a sense of family they all feel in the Slater house. He throws it back to Zach, who knows all the bickering is what keeps the family going. It's been a hell of a ride and it will keep going. He toasts to all the families in the room. Kendall and Bianca agree to give Erica the benefit of the doubt. Erica won't disappoint them.


JR returns home and pulls out his gun. He starts to walk out of his room, but sees Babe.

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