Seeing What's Right In Front Of Her.

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Angie celebrates getting her sight back, Griffin mulls over David's request, and Cara changes her mind.

Seeing What's Right In Front Of Her. image

Jesse cries at home when he learns Angie can see. He wants to call her doctor, but she just wants to be happy that the first thing she is seeing is him. Angie looks at the crib and says everything of Lucy's seems larger than life. She tells him she wants to see David and Jesse offers to drive her.


Randi and Frankie want to celebrate Natalia and Brot's engagement at Krystal's, but the happy couple don't want to go overboard when Jesse and Angie lost their babies and Angie still can't see. Jesse shows up and tells the group the wedding should be held at the house, because Angie got her sight back.


At the station, JR watches as David asks Griffin to keep his patient healthy. Griffin is resistant, but David knows his conscience will get the better of him. Krystal stops JR from going into the interrogation room to accuse him of attempted kidnapping. She tells him Marisa is getting a restraining order so he won't be able to see his son for a long time. JR tells Krystal he thinks David is keeping Babe alive, but Krystal doesn’t think it's true. After Griffin storms out, Marissa shows up with her restraining order. JR crumples it up and throws it at her saying she'll need more than a piece of paper to back up her threats. Krystal and Marissa call him a drunk and a bully, but JR knows when he gets Babe back, they will get their son.


JR returns to the mansion and looks a photo of him, Babe and AJ. He then pulls out the gun from his bag.


Angie visits David in the interrogation room and reveals that he made her see again. David is thrilled and thanks her for sharing her news. He then tells her he gave Griffin the name of the patient he wants him to help and bring back. Angie is relieved to hear it.


Liza tells Cara at ConFusion that David will be getting out in 18 months due to a plea bargain. Liza doesn’t know what he will have to come back to, but Cara tells her she is carrying his baby. She declares she's raising the baby on her own though. Liza tells her to be careful what she wishes for.

Cara finds Griffin at the hospital. He tells his sister he turned down David's request to treat one of his Orpheus patients. Cara is stunned, but Griffin doesn't want anything to do with David and says they should get on a plane and put Pine Valley in their rearview. Cara counters that Pine Valley is their home now and he has the chance to bring someone home to the people who love them.

Griffin enters David's lab and looks at the Orpheus file. He starts to leave, but changes his mind.


Cara visits David in his jail cell and tells him she wants him to be part of her baby's life. She doesn't want her baby spending their life wondering if their father will ever come home. She tells him she'll visit him from time to time to keep an eye on him. He pulls her in for a kiss.


In the park, Maya wonders to Colby how she could possibly take her daughter back to the Hubbards after taking her away from them. Colby tells her to call Angie because she would love to have them both back. Liza shows up and tells Maya she needs to check in with her about where she goes and when. She will also have a curfew. Maya leaves and a confused Colby asks what's wrong with her mother. Liza tells her nothing. She's just doing the right thing.


Jesse comes upon a sleeping Maya with Lucy in the park. He tells her Angie can see again. Maya is thrilled and says they'll come by for a visit.


When Jesse returns home, Angie tells him that after seeing the pain in his face today, she realized how selfish she's been by not letting them grieve together. All she could do is think of herself, but she now sees that it was his love that made all the decision he made. She thanks him for that. As they kiss and get cozy on the couch, Maya stops by with Lucy. Angie is overjoyed to actually see the both of them. Angie holds Lucy as Maya indicates that things aren't great with Liza, so Angie invites them to come back. Frankie, Randi, Brot and Natalia enter and Angie cries as she hugs each one of them. Natalia asks Angie to help her pick out wedding invitations and Brot hands them a bottle of champagne to continue the celebration. They toast to their family, which is filled with love.

Liza and Colby have a drink at ConFusion where Colby gets a text from Maya saying she's back with Hubbards and Angie got her sight back. Liza cries over Angie and Jesse's happy ending. Colby thinks there's still chance for them too.

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