Old Habits.

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Zach surprises Kendall, Erica welcomes Brooke home, JR confronts David and things are looking up for Angie.

Old Habits. image

Zach decks out the living room in Red Wings paraphernalia as he looks for the game on TV. Kendall comes out and kisses him, but Zach is more interested in the game. He curls up with his Red Wing snuggie and munches on snacks, much to Kendall's irritation. She starts to leave the room, but he pulls her down with him to watch the game. He hits the remote to show her a video he made of them and the kids. He tells her it's good to be home and kisses her. He asks if she's happy. She responds, "Very." She can't believe he's really back. He says, "We're back," and kisses her again. She pulls out a ring and puts it on his finger to replace the one he lost. She says, "Now, we're back."


Erica finds Jack at ConFusion. She excitedly tells him about the movie of her book. Jack is thrilled for her and happy to have her home. He wants to plan the wedding, but she can't make any plans with the movie deal pending. As they talk, Brooke shows up. Jack excitedly welcomes her home, but Erica jumps right in with the snarky comments insinuating Adam left her already. Brooke assures her Adam is in town and they are very much together. As Erica brags about her movie, Jack gets called away. The women snipe at each other until Brooke laughs over them falling into old habits. Erica smiles and genuinely tells her she looks good and says Pine Valley hasn't been the same since she left. Erica asks about Adam. Brooke tells her things have been different for him since they left. Erica wonders what she's not telling her. Brooke remains mum on the subject. As she turns to leave, Erica tells her she's not in her movie.


At the house, JR won't believe that Babe could be alive, as Dixie tries to explain why she thinks she is. He won't let David mess with his head, but then he remembers David took Babe's body to the roof and wouldn't let anyone see her. Dixie wonders, "What if Babe really is alive?"


After Cara tells David in jail that she's pregnant, he says she has no idea how much it means to him. He can finally be the father one of his children deserves. She corrects him saying this is her baby, not his. He knows he's been a control freak of a father, but not anymore. He tells Cara she's amazing and will make a wonderful mother. Cara sees kindness and generosity in David. He jokes that he hopes their baby has better character judgment than her. JR shows up. Cara starts to leave and David urges her to stay in touch. He thanks her for everything as she exits. JR asks if Babe is alive. David reminds him she died in the tornado because JR dragged her back to town. JR goes crazy as he tries to get an answer out of David. David tells JR that he made his daughter's life a living hell so he would do whatever it takes to keep her away from him. JR wonders if he would hurt AJ in the same way by denying him his mother. JR warns that he either give Babe up or he will make sure he rots in hell.


David calls Griffin to meet him at the jail. He tells him he can't finish his work, but Griffin can. Lives are counting on him. He gives him a piece of paper. Griffin looks at it and says, "My God." JR lurks and makes a phone call to put a tail on Griffin.


Angie briefly sees the light at home, but it passes. She tells Frankie not to tell Jesse because it might never come back. Jesse returns home and Frankie leaves. Jesse asks how Angie's visit with David went. She notes that David seemed a bit defeated and feels badly for all the loss he's suffered. She understands why he's the man he is, calling him a tortured soul. Jesse calls him an accessory to murder. Angie knows the evil Hayward is capable of, but she also knows he's saved a lot of lives. She wants his other patients to be reunited with their families and urges Jesse not to put David in prison so they have that chance. Angie notes how quiet it is without Lucy. She feels it in her bones and fears it will crush her. Jesse will do whatever he can to help her through this, but she needs to find her own way. As Jesse packs up Lucy's crib, Angie's sight returns. She walks over to Jesse and tells him she can see that he's crying, which makes him cry harder.

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