It's Never Too Late.

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Angie appeals to David, Cara gives David news, Dixie shocks JR, and Scott and Madison reconnect.

It's Never Too Late. image

At the mansion, Colby shows JR a box of their father's things. He secretly grabs a gun and puts it in his bag. Scott shows up with Adam's new will, which does not include JR. JR accuses Scott of having something to do with his being disinherited. Scott counters he's lost his dad's respect and money all on his own. JR declares no one will take anything from him again. He grabs his bag and leaves. Colby calls Adam and tells him how out of control and angry JR is about the will.


Scott and Madison meet for hot dogs in the park. Madison is sorry his family is falling apart. She is there for him whatever he needs. He tells her it helps a lot. She misses him, but appreciates him taking it slow and giving her space. She suggests they give it another shot, unless he thinks it's too late. He interrupts her with a passionate kiss. Colby finds them and says, "It's about time." She also informs them that her dad's coming home.


Tad panics when he wakes up and Dixie isn't in bed. He finds her downstairs preparing for AJ's visit. She assures him she isn't letting their second chance go. Tad leaves to see Jesse, but not before marveling over how normal it is that he can say, "See you later." AJ comes downstairs looking for a snack, as JR stops by. AJ runs into his father's arms and tells him he missed him. Dixie worries because Marissa isn't there to supervise, but JR appeals to his mother. She gives him a few minutes and leaves the room. JR tells AJ to grab his favorite toy because they're going on an adventure. Dixie returns and AJ tells his grandmother what JR just said. Dixie shoos AJ out of the room, as JR tells his mother he can't let lesbians raise his son. He's taking AJ, comparing it to how she fought for him. Dixie points out it was different. She adds that he can't leave with or without AJ because Babe could be alive.


After Liza tries to console Jesse at Ellie's grave, he meets Tad at ConFusion. Jesse tells him Maya took Lucy and left. Tad urges him not to give up on Angie. Jesse would never give up on her because she's the best part of him.


Randi and Frankie run into Maya and Lucy at Krystal's. After spending some time together, Frankie and Randi leave to pick up Angie. Liza enters and overhears Maya on the phone saying she has to drop her classes because she can't get a job to accommodate school. Liza thinks Angie and Jesse would help her, but she can't ask them for anything more.


Cara and Griffin catch up at the hospital. They differ on their views on David. Cara knows his methods are out of whack, but he's saving lives. She also tells her brother that she thought her cancer returned and David helped her through it. She's fine though, but she is pregnant. He asks if she's going to keep it. She looks stunned and says of course. She's always wanted to be a mother and will not give it up. He holds her hands and says okay. However, he suggests she never tell David. Not ever.


In the interrogation room at the jail, Angie empathizes with David, who she thinks just needs love and to feel connected to someone. That's why he does the things he does. However, he's not the only one who has suffered loss. David is sorry for the loss of her daughter. She says it's been torture, but the only way to deal with pain is to stare it down with the help of people who love him. She urges him not to put up his walls and to let her in. He assumes she just wants to make sure he continues treating her, but she assures him she cares what happens to him. She thinks there's hope for him yet, but David notes he's probably going to prison. She counters that it's never too late and urges him to give Pine Valley the people he's holding back, including himself. Frankie enters to pick up his mother. David asks Angie to visit him in prison. She assures him he hasn't seen the last of her.


Once David is back in his cell, Cara visits. She wanted to say goodbye and to tell him she is pregnant with his baby.


Frankie brings Angie home. He turns on the lights, which Angie tearfully announces she sees.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Zach surprises Kendall.

Brooke returns.

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