In The Middle Of The Night.

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Brot confesses to Natalia, Ryan doesn't like labels, Greenlee fears being alone, and Krystal and Liza commiserate.

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Natalia surprises Brot at the station. She wonders what he's working on so late. He responds, "My resignation letter." She can't understand why he would want to do this, but knows something has been bothering him for awhile. He says he can't keep lying. He can't be a cop anymore because he can't pretend he's on the right side of the law. Brot confesses his involvement in Jesse switching babies. He doesn't care about his job. He just wants to make it right. He says this isn't the first time he's made a bad call that cost people. In Iraq, he switched shifts with someone but his friend died during his shift. He wonders why it had to be his friend, who had a family, and not him. Natalia assures him it wasn't his fault. Natalia is grateful Brot was there for Jesse so he didn't have to grieve for Ellie alone. He asks if any of this will make her stop loving him. She tells him she could never stop loving him. They head home where they make love.


Jake enters ConFusion at closing time and finds Ryan, who was wired after the David mess and didn't want to keep Greenlee awake. Jake congratulates him on nailing David, who has been arrested. Jake calls him a hero. Ryan doesn't understand why people label him that. Jake reminds him that he rescues people, but Ryan only sees it as looking out for people. Jake bemoans being labeled Joe Martin Jr. because it's a lot to live up to, especially being a great husband and father. Ryan starts thinking about his own father, who was nothing like Joe. He wants to be completely present with Greenlee and his kids. He says they have to put the past behind them and move on. They toast to dumping the baggage.

Jake goes home and curls up in bed with Amanda.


Greenlee drops by Kendall's as their men give their statements to the cops about David. Greenlee was restless at home and wanted to share her idea for Fusion with Kendall. She wants to create a computer program to help women see what they will look like in the future and provide products to help them fix what they don't like and accentuate what they do. Kendall loves it, but she doesn't want to neglect her family for work right now. Kendall suggests Greenlee go someplace romantic with Ryan and forget everything else for awhile. Greenlee doesn't want to forget everything else. Kendall wonders what's got her so spooked. Greenlee admits she felt alone when she came up with her idea when no one was home with her. She recalls feeling that way growing up and worries that while she has Ryan now, he could be gone tomorrow. Kendall assures her she won't lose Ryan, but after pretending that Ryan was dying, Greenlee realized that someone could take him from her at any moment. Kendall consoles her. Ryan shows up and says Zach is probably still at the station. Greenlee hugs Kendall and tells her she loves her. Kendall returns the sentiment.


Scott finds Colby packing at the mansion. He can't believe how empty the house is after years of it being so vibrant. Scott offers the gatehouse if she wants to move in there. She appreciates it but she's hoping things work out for him and Madison. He is hopeful, saying they're in a new place now. Colby is staying with Liza for now because at least she's there, which is more than she can say about her dad. She can't believe Adam didn’t show up after she called about JR's latest meltdown. Scott tells her they have to protect themselves now because they are the new generation of Chandlers. No matter what happens, they won't lose each other.


When Krystal can't sleep at home, she heads to the restaurant. Liza stops by when she sees the light on. Krystal lets her in even though they're closed. She pours them a drink as they discuss David's arrest. Liza tells her David called her to represent him. She notes she's not happy no matter what side of the law she's on. She envies Krystal, but Krystal counters that she's doing inventory at three in the morning so she doesn’t have to feel so lost. They talk about their daughters and the men they've shared: Adam and Tad. Liza hopes her regrets are proof that she's learned something along the way. Krystal thinks Liza's learned a lot. The women agree they'll be there for each other as friends. Colby shows up and Liza consoles her over leaving the mansion, which Colby considers her home. Krystal looks at a photo of Babe.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Colby wants Maya to move in with her and Liza.

Dixie dreams of Babe.

Maya makes a decision about her baby.

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