David Makes A Confession.

Monday, September 12th, 2011

The standoff at the lab comes to a head, Erica is won over by Kit, and Maya has a decision to make.

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In L.A., Kit Sterling tells Erica that he wants her to play herself in the movie of her life. Erica says she's flattered, but Kit knows she's skeptical. He asks if there is anything in her life to keep this from happening. She tells him she's getting married, but she has an understanding fiancé. Kit thinks she is a star and has the brightest light he has ever seen. She tells him she would want to co-produce and have final say on most details. They leave so he can prove he's the real deal.


Kit and Erica walk the streets of Hollywood. Kit asks what's keeping Erica in Pine Valley. She says it's her home, where her family is, but then she laughs when she sees the intersection of Hollywood and Vine because that's where she always told her mother she belonged. Kit thinks Erica has a great story and wants to tell it.

Kit and Erica return to the bookstore. Erica tells him she's in.


After Jesse takes Angie to her doctor's appointment, Maya assumes Frankie stayed behind to make sure she didn't leave with Lucy. Frankie tries to convince her that staying with Angie and Jesse would be good for her. Maya understands why they would want Lucy to stay close, but she has to do this on her own. Frankie wonders how she's going to cope any better now than when she gave Lucy up. Maya explains that she knows her baby now. She's a mother. Frankie is scared Angie won't be able to survive losing another child and begs her not to take the baby away from his mother.


As they wait at the hospital, Angie tells Jesse their life has become a shadow of what it once was and she doesn’t see any light coming through. Jesse knows he can't fix her eyesight or keep Lucy for her. Angie in turn can't make that okay for him. As they talk about Lucy, the nurse tells the Hubbards the doctor is ready for them. Angie takes Jesse's hand as he leads her to the doctor. After their visit, Jesse gets a call and urgently tells Angie he has to go to work.

Angie returns home and asks if Maya is going to stay. Maya doesn’t know how to make that decision without Angie's advice. Angie opens her arms and hugs the girl.


Cara meets Kendall at Krystal's to tell her she's pregnant. Kendall is excited for Cara and knows she will make a great mother. Cara corrects Kendall when she assumes Tad is the father, declaring it's David. Kendall warns her about how obsessed he can be with his children. Cara points out all the good David has done, but Kendall counters with all the bad. Kendall wants to be happy for her, but she doesn't think it will end well. As Kendall promises not to tell anyone about the baby, she gets a message on her phone.


At the lab, Ryan is shot after tussling with Zach. David tries to call an ambulance, but Zach grabs the phone out of his hands. David shouts that Orpheus was supposed to save lives. He won't have another death on his hands, even if it is Ryan's. As Zach continues to let Ryan bleed without getting help and then threatens Greenlee as well, David says Zach's partners were right to try and kill him. He should have let his plane sink and references that he knew about Ricky. David admits he was a silent partner in the whole casino mess, but he didn't kill anyone. David thought Greenlee was on the plane and that's why he was there when it crashed – to save her. David points out he saved Zach instead. Zach wonders who will save him and fires his gun, which is loaded with blanks. Greenlee reveals a tape recorder with David's confession on it as Griffin jumps up off the stretcher alive and Ryan stands up unharmed. The group reveals it was all an act and that Zach put the pieces together of what David did while he was in recovery. David accuses them of being blinded by their petty grievances, making them unable to see the amazing work he's done. As he turns to leave, Kendall and Cara show up. Cara embraces her brother and says she heard the whole story from Kendall. David wants to explain things to Cara, but Greenlee interrupts asking who else David has saved. He says he'll be taking that secret to the grave, as Jesse arrives.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Colby turns to Liza.

Brot confesses to Natalia.

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