In The Name Of Orpheus.

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Things get out of hand at the lab, Erica meets a movie producer, and Cara gets surprising news.

In The Name Of Orpheus. image

In L.A. at a book signing, Erica makes a call about one of David's facilities, but she doesn't get any information. Opal surprises her. She tells her she's just on a stopover on the way to Hawaii and introduces her to Sam. Erica gets frustrated and tells Opal about the wall she's hit regarding Mike. Opal tells her it's a sign that she should fly back home to Jack. Erica isn't looking to rekindle an old romance, she just wants to find the truth. Opal thinks she should stop chasing ghosts and wasting precious time. Sam tells them he contacted a friend about the building Erica is looking for. It's owned by Orpheus.


Erica heads over to the building, but is stopped by a guard when she opens a door. She runs into the room, but it's empty. She asks the guard if Mike Roy was ever there. The guard says no.


Zach visits David at the hospital and gloats about how he's doing everything he can to make sure David can finish his work. Concerned, David demands to know what he did to Griffin because Cara needs her brother. Zach won't tell him anything, just that he did something that can't be traced back to him. David never wanted to hurt anyone. Zach yells that Griffin betrayed him. Zach is loyal to David and Orpheus and now he's proven that.


After Ryan is released from jail, Jesse follows him and Greenlee to Krystal's. As they debate the Zach/David issue, Zach shows up. Ryan and Zach get into it again, as Greenlee runs off to try and fix things.


Cara gets her results in the hospital break room, but doesn't tell Jake about it when she sees him. Amanda joins them and tells Jake adopting will be harder than they thought. Cara tells them about an organization that relocates children orphaned by war. She becomes weak, as David walks in. She gives the Martins the number of the organization and they leave. Cara tells David she hasn't opened the results yet because Griffin isn't there. He's been her rock through every test. David declares he's trying to find him. Cara wonders if he knows something she doesn’t. David covers saying he is trying to find his exact location at Doctors Without Borders. She just wants to hear his voice. Even though she just wants to keep things professional, David tells her he cares about her. Cara ribs him about losing his edge. He gets a call from Erica, who is back at the bookstore in L.A. She accuses him of sending her on a wild goose chase and urges him to be honest with her just this once. He tells her that Mike Roy is dead. He is not and never has been one of his patients. Erica becomes upset over his toying with her emotions. David tells her he saved someone she loved, just not one of her ex-lovers. She lashes out at him and hangs up. David returns to Cara, who leaves to open her test results alone. Greenlee finds David and urges him to call Zach off.

In the hospital break room, Jake and Amanda tell Cara they called the organization and started the ball rolling for adoption. Once they leave, Cara opens her test results and says, "Oh my God. I'm pregnant."


Zach wheels a body covered by a sheet into David's lab. David and Greenlee show up. David wants Greenlee to leave saying he never meant for any of this to happen. Zach begs to differ. Greenlee rips the sheet off the body and sees Griffin lying there as Ryan shows up. When Ryan freaks out on David, Zach declares that he killed him, not David. David tells Zach he took it too far, but Zach reminds him the work comes first. Zach pulls a gun. Ryan lunges for him and the gun goes off as they scuffle.


Back at the bookstore, Erica tells Opal about David's dirty tricks. She declares she's done. She's going home to her family and to Jack. A man approaches her and says he's about to make all her dreams come true. He turns out to be a movie producer named Kit Sterling, who wants to buy the rights to her book. Opal recalls the disaster that was "Raising Kane," but Erica thinks she can handle this. Opal and Sam leave for the airport, as Erica talks with Kit, who urges her not to deny herself her dream because of one bad experience.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Kendall gets a mysterious text.

Angie's sight could return.

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