Humor And Love.

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Tad and Dixie discuss their future, Colby reaches out on JR's behalf, and Jake and Amanda discuss adoption.

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Dressed as a chicken in honor of Tad's first proposal, Dixie enters Krystal's. She tells him they have reservations at ConFusion.


Still dressed as a chicken, Dixie brings Tad to ConFusion. They toast to their first date this time around. Tad laughs at Dixie, charmed by her attempts at romance. When she gets too hot and itchy, Tad tries to help her out of the suit, but the zipper is stuck. When it gets unbearable for Dixie, Tad grabs someone's umbrella to try and get the zipper unstuck. A cop walks over and tells him the owner accused him of stealing it.

Krystal comes to the police station to help Dixie out of her suit. The charges have been dropped against Tad and Dixie leaves to see JR. Krystal tells Tad she's thinking of moving out of the house.


Scott barrels into the mansion to confront JR about the mansion being in foreclosure. Scott tells him he can stay at the gatehouse, which is not part of the foreclosure. JR wants no part of it. JR loudly declares he will keep his house, his company and his son no matter what. Madison enters and JR leaves. Madison gives Scott a microwave as a housewarming present. As they head to check out the gatehouse, they run into Marissa. Scott warns her about JR's mood. She walks into the main room as JR returns. She tells him AJ wants to see him. JR remains bitter towards her as Colby enters. Colby knows the house is in foreclosure and tells him they have to be out by next week. JR becomes angry. Marissa knows he's not in the right state of mind to see their son, so she leaves. Colby wants to call their father, but JR grabs the phone out of her hand and throws it across the room. He thinks getting Adam involved would be a huge mistake. He vows to get everything back. Colby leaves the room as Dixie enters. Dixie finds her son who declares he won't give up on the house. She hugs him while assuring him she's there for him now. In the foyer, Colby calls Adam, but she gets Brooke. She tells her about JR and how scared she is. Adam gets on the phone and Colby says they really need him.


Dixie returns to Tad's house and tells him JR is losing the house. Tad agrees with her that JR can stay with them. Dixie notes he included her in that statement. Tad thinks they should be together. She wants that too, but she isn't sure she should move in. Tad leaves the room and returns with the chicken costume on. He tells her it's all about humor and love. He sincerely asks her to come home and move in with him. She agrees.


Scott and Madison go to Krystal's. She apologizes for shutting him out after Sara. He accepts her apology, but she doesn't need to feel bad about anything. Madison can't believe how differently he and JR turned out. Scott credits his father for that. She tells him she had a date, but she cancelled because she couldn't stop thinking about him.


When Amanda finds Jake at the hospital, he evades telling her what he's working on. He wants to talk to her about it at home.

David runs into Cara, who is unloading her patients at the hospital. She isn't sure she'll be able to help them if her cancer has come back. David offers to take her somewhere.


Cara and David head to the park. She shows him her "trouble dolls," which gets assigned one of her troubles: cancer, Griffin, Tad and family, for the children she probably won't have. She gives him a pouch of dolls as well and tells him it's his turn. David jokes that he has no troubles, as Jake, Amanda and Trevor walk up. Jake says David's claim is a lie and that he could probably use several of those dolls. Jake tells Cara to watch her back and walks away. Amanda stays behind and tells Cara something good will happen to her. Once Amanda walks off, Cara gets David to lie on the ground with her to look at the clouds. After they enjoy themselves for a bit, Cara says it's time for her face that she's about to get news that will change her life. David thinks they should enjoy the day until her results come in tomorrow.


Jake, Amanda and Trevor sit elsewhere in the park. As Jake worries about Cara with David, Amanda bemoans the fact that she can't have more babies. Jake shows her his information on adoption. He assures her this is something he'd like to do because despite the kids not being theirs biologically, they would still be a family. Amanda agrees to do it.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Jesse wants Ryan to drop his vendetta against David.

Cara gives Amanda advice on adoption.

Erica searches for Mike Roy.

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