Don't Try So Hard.

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Jake advises Tad, Angie recovers at home, Zach and Ryan are hauled into the station, and Opal meets Sam.

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Zach and Ryan are hauled into the police station, as Brot tries to keep the peace between them.

Jesse and David stand over Angie in her hospital room as she wakes up. Angie is told the new cells were implanted, now all they have to do is wait. Frankie joins them as David explains how her eyesight should come back slowly. Jesse gets a call from Brot, who says he just pulled Ryan over for reckless driving while Zach was holding a gun on him after finding him breaking into David's lab.


Frankie and Jesse bring Angie home. Frankie discovers that Maya and the baby are gone, but Maya's things are still there. Frankie leaves to look for them, as Jesse tries to reassure Angie Maya wouldn’t just take off. Frankie returns with Maya and Lucy, who were in the park. Maya assures them she won't leave without saying goodbye. She thanks Angie for all she's done, but she has to raise Lucy on her own. She won't leave just yet and will make sure Angie gets time with Lucy before she does.


David shows up at the station after learning about Ryan breaking into his lab. He angrily tells Zach he can't be rocking the boat right now. Besides, that lab is empty anyway. Zach counters that Ryan can't see what's really in there so David needs to press charges to stall him while he cleans it up. David anxiously wonders what Zach did. Zach responds that he's just making sure David can finish his work. David worries about Ryan, but Zach says he will take care of him, whatever it takes. Zach declares his loyalty to David and asks if he trusts him. David appreciates his devotion, but Zach's beef with Ryan is making things more difficult in regards to his other patients. He doesn't want their recovery rushed so he asks Zach to take it down a notch. David asks what he did to Griffin. Zach just says, "Trust," and then asks who else David has stashed away. David tells him there are two people in recovery who are almost ready to be revealed. He pleads with Zach not to screw it up.


Opal nervously prepares to meet Sam at the reunion, as Dixie and Krystal offer their support at home. Once she's gone, Dixie tells Krystal about Tad finding her with David. Krystal is with Tad on this one and tells Dixie to stay away from the devious doc. Dixie just wants to remember what happened and who the woman was in the room with her. Dixie tells Krystal about seeing a bracelet with the letter B on it. Krystal tells Dixie how David has led her to believe that Babe could still be alive. Krystal won't go there and torture herself thinking it could happen. Dixie wishes she could find a way to prove to Tad they could still be good together. Krystal hopes she can because she's heard how much fun they used to have. Dixie gets an idea and takes off.


Opal enters ConFusion for the reunion and sees Sam. She gets flutters as she walks over to talk to him. They catch up and laugh, as Verla walks in. Opal gets jealous when Verla flirts with Sam. Opal then learns Sam invented something that has made him a lot of money, which Verla was well aware of. As Verla tells them about her reality show, Sam notes she's looking for financing. Sam tells her he's back to see Opal and isn't interested in investing or in her. Verla apologizes and wishes them luck. She walks away, but pauses behind a pillar to let out a loud sob. She composes herself and exits. Opal asks Sam if he really came back for her. Sam confirms and says he'd like for them to get to know each other. She'd like that. He asks her to go to Hawaii.


Tad talks with Jake about Dixie and David at Krystal's. Jake tells him to put the past in the past and get on with it. That's what he and Amanda have done. Tad asks how she's doing knowing she can't have more kids. Jake says he's looking into adopting. Tad points out if the Martins hadn't taken him in, they wouldn't be brothers. They get back to talking about Dixie and Jake suggests Tad let his issues with David and Dixie go. Tad knows he should, but he worries he'll screw things up anyway. Jake tells his brother he is over thinking things because Tad is the love of Dixie's life. He doesn't need to try so hard. Once Tad is alone, Dixie surprises him by entering Krystal's in a chicken suit.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Things look bleak for JR.

Colby calls Brooke.

Amanda walks in on Jake making a call about adopting.

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