Adding To The Mystery.

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Zach is vague with Erica, Opal gets a surprise message, and Angie moves forward with her surgery.

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Erica stops by to see Zach at home. She wants to know what he's hiding about David. Zach doesn't know anything. She just wants to know if there are others out there that David is saving. Zach tells her to let it go because it will only end up hurting people. She wonders why he's protecting David. He counters he is protecting her. Zach tells her to drop it because it's bigger than she realizes. Erica will take her chances and learn what David is up to. He assures her he is on top of things, but if she keeps pushing, she will risk everything. She notes he really knows how to add to the mystery. Zach tells her to do what she has to do regarding her lost love, but to stay away from David.


At Krystal's, Opal panics when she learns Sam Brady is returning for his high school reunion and wants to see her. She explains to Krystal that he was her first true love after moving there, but Verla Grubbs ruined things. She wants to see him, but she already told Erica she'd go to L.A. to help her find who else David has saved. Krystal advises her to stay and meet up with her old love instead of going on a wild goose chase with Erica, who takes more from her than she gives. Opal thinks Krystal is right.


Opal meets Erica at home. She tells her gal pal that she can't go to California with her because of Sam Brady. Erica accepts it, but orders Opal to keep her lips zipped about what she's up to. Opal says with any luck at all, her lips will be locked on someone else's.

A shaved Zach sits with Erica at the airport to make sure she makes her flight. He tells her not to stay away too long or else she will miss all the fun.


Frankie runs into David, who tells him Jesse cancelled Angie's surgery because she's been under a lot of stress.


Jesse returns home to find Maya holding Lucy, as Angie silently sits nearby. He offers an apology, but Maya tells him he has nothing to be sorry for. She knows Jesse lied to protect Angie. Frankie races in to find out why Angie's surgery was postponed. Angie angrily asks if Jesse did that. Jesse explains he had to because of her stress level and explains things to Frankie. A stunned Frankie wants to see his sister. Jesse agrees to take him to her gravesite. Angie then rips into Jesse for canceling her surgery. She needs something good to happen in her life since she lost two children in one day. Despite Jesse's resistance to the surgery, Frankie backs his mother. After Jesse takes Angie to the hospital, Frankie questions Maya on her intentions towards Lucy. She doesn’t want to hurt the Hubbards, but she doesn’t know how she can give up her daughter again.

Tad finds Cara moving out of the house. He apologizes for how things went down, but he cares about her and nothing will ever change that. Tad thanks her for helping him live again. He then asks her about David and she tells him they will have to agree to disagree on that issue. He makes her promise to keep her eyes open in regards to him. No matter what happens, Cara is excited to know what's ahead of her. She credits him for that. They hug goodbye and Tad kisses her before leaving.


At the hospital, David tells Angie he won't greenlight any procedure until he knows what's going on with her. Angie explains what Jesse did. David knows all about loss and recalls how Leora died after Joe wouldn't let him in the operating room. He thinks receiving a substitute baby would have been an insult to her memory. Angie has faith she will accept what has happened one day, but for now she just wants her sight back and orders him to perform the surgery.


Tad finds Jesse in the waiting area at the hospital and learns Angie knows the truth about Lucy. Jesse doesn’t think they will ever be the same after this. Tad knows Angie will see that Jesse did what he did because he loves her. Jesse hates that Angie is pinning all her hopes on David Hayward.

Angie meets with Jesse in the exam room after her consultation with David. Jesse explains he tried to save Ellie. He also tried to save Angie from the pain. He just loves her so much. Angie knows he does. She loves him too.

David finds Cara testing herself elsewhere at the hospital. She's afraid the cancer has come back.


Tad visits Maya at home. He apologizes for not telling her the truth and pleads Jesse's case. Maya says it would be easy to take her daughter and leave if the Hubbards weren't such great people. He says only she can decide what's best to do.

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