It’s Yours Maya.

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Erica invites Opal on a trip, Angie does the right thing, and Agnes talks to dead people.

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At Erica’s place, she’s sure that the M.R. on the return address stands for Mike Roy. Opal thinks it's too far fetched. Jack walks in and tells Erica that she’s booked for some late time talk shows in Los Angeles. Erica doesn’t want to go but he thinks she should. She agrees. He kisses her bye and leaves. Opal shakes her head. She says when a woman goes dog digging sometime she gets a bone but sometimes she ends up digging empty holes. She implores Erica to destroy the file before she ruins everything she has with Jack.


JR watches the sex video on the laptop at home. He doesn't want to use this to get his son. Dixie walks and is surprised to learn he's no longer running Chandler. He vows he’ll get his son back no matter what it costs. JR is ignoring her so she demands to know what he’s looking at. He tells her about the sex tape. Tad joins them and Dixie says it’s so wrong. She shows him a photo of JR at AJ’s age with his dad. She asks what he wants to pass on to his son? Tad reminds them of the horrid father he had. He doesn’t want AJ to sense JR’s anger. Dixie tells JR to pull his life together. They’ll help him. JR storms out. Dixie and Tad think they did well. She reminds Tad that he’s been the only constant in JR’s life and JR will listen to him.


Marissa and Bianca are At Krystal’s. Marissa is so appalled with JR she doesn’t even want AJ visiting him. The two lovers hold hands. AJ notices. Bianca explains they like each other. AJ puts his hand on theirs and Tad comes to their table. Binks takes AJ for a brownie and Marissa tells Tad about the video. Tad leaves. AJ returns excitedly to their table with a laptop. He found the house they want to buy. They decide to go see it.


Jesse joins Angie again at the gravesite. He couldn't leave her there and she can't leave her baby. She claims she’s seen the baby in a dream and describes her baby’s looks in fine detail. She cries, "Why, why?" She looks up to the sky and talks to God. She asks him to tell Ellie that her mom will always remember her. She looks forward to holding her baby in heaven. Jesse says, "Amen." They comfort each other and sit quietly.


Agnes and David talk at her hospital bedside. He tells her about his medical breakthrough. It’s going to change the way people look at life and death. She says his dad had a message for him. He said to leave God’s work to God. When David leaves Agnes, Erica comes across him in the hospital corridor. He’s happy that she’s happy and leaves her standing. She throws the contents of the file in the garbage, looks around to see if anyone saw and walks away.

A little later Erica visits Agnes at her bedside. Agnes tells her about her near death experience. She saw Mona and her mom has a message for Erica. Mona says for Erica to be satisfied with her life in Pine Valley. Erica has a message for Mona and tells Agnes if she sees her again for her not to worry, she’ll be just fine. She kisses Agnes and leaves. Agnes talks to Mona out loud and says, "Just as you predicted." As Erica walks down the corridor she pulls the file back out of the garbage.


Later at home, Angie recalls the joy she felt at her baby’s birth. She won’t let Maya wait one more second to learn the truth. Jesse says he loves her and goes to work. Lucy cries and Angie holds her close. She tells Lucy she loves her and Maya walks in. Angie starts talking about the two beautiful babies they’ve had and Maya asks if someone found her baby. Angie says it’s right here and tells her the baby is hers. She explains how Jesse found her in the squad car. Maya expresses her sympathy about Ellie and cries with happiness. Angie offers to hand her the baby. Maya worries that Lucy will remember she was abandoned. Angie assures her that Lucy knew she was special. Maya takes her and kisses her again and again. Angie asks her to stay on until she finds a place. Maya agrees and asks Angie if she wants to hold the baby. Angie says maybe in a little while.


At the police station, Brot gives Jesse a coffee who admits he told Angie the truth. Angie wants to tell Maya. He could lose everything. Brot offers to cover his story. Jesse won’t hear of it.


In David’s office Jesse tells him the surgery has to be called off. Angie’s under too much stress at the moment.

At their table at ConFusion Erica tells Opal that she’s going to L.A. to promote her book and invites her along.

When they get to the house, Marissa and Bianca find the house has a sold sign. Binks calls the realtor and finds out the house is available after all if they want to put in an offer.

Later at Krystal’s, the realtor phones Bianca and says they got the house. The children are ecstatic. JR walks in and hands Marissa the sex tape but warns he’ll find a way to get AJ back and leaves.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Cara confides in David that she is worried her cancer has come back.

Erica wants to know whatever Zach is hiding about David.

Angie questions Jesse on why he cancelled her surgery without discussing it with her first.

Opal gets a text message from old flame Sam Brady.

Cara becomes increasingly exhausted.

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