Mommy's Here.

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Angie learns the truth, Zach tells Kendall a secret, and Dixie tries to get the truth out of David.

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David finds Cara at the hospital trying to track her brother down. David thinks it's strange Griffin would just vanish especially since he so passionately wanted to destroy Orpheus. Cara pauses from a head rush and then leaves to see Kendall.


Kendall and Zach meet up at home. She asks where he was. Zach recalls meeting Griffin at the clinic, but just says he had to take care of something. She doesn't like the sound of that. He had to do what needed to be done. Ryan and Greenlee enter and tell Kendall that Zach bought the property Ryan wanted. Zach says it was a business decision for him and David. Greenlee and Ryan lay into Zach, who leaves the room because it's not up for discussion. Kendall follows Zach and asks if he really needed to do this. He thought she was with him. She says she is. He orders her to stop questioning him then. She's taken aback, but Zach asks her to trust him and tells her a secret off-screen. Zach says he had to do it, but she's worried he went so far. Cara stops by worried about Griffin. Ryan wonders if Zach has something to do with his disappearance. Cara gets an email from Griffin on her phone saying he went back to Doctors Without Borders. Cara apologies for freaking out over nothing. Zach walks her out, as Kendall defends Zach to Ryan and Greenlee.


Dixie stops by the hospital desk to see if Griffin is around. She's told he's not as David walks up offering to take care of her. He says he is the only one who can help her if she needs medical treatment. After some heated hesitation, Dixie remembers seeing woman's bracelet with a B on it and agrees to let him examine her. As David listens to her heart, Dixie's heart rate spikes as she recalls David standing over "B." She asks David about another woman being at the clinic. David plays dumb. She grabs him demanding to know who the other woman was. Tad walks in and Dixie quickly explains that she wanted to see Griffin, but he wasn't available. Tad walks out.

Zach heads to David's office. David asks Zach what really happened to Griffin. Zach tells him he doesn’t want to know.


Dixie follows Tad home. Cara enters as Tad yells at Dixie for letting David put his hands on her again. Cara makes her presence known. Tad says he and Dixie are done and reminds his wife of their immigration interview. Dixie leaves and Cara tells Tad she's not going to the interview.


At home, Jesse takes Angie's hand as he tells her their baby is gone. Angie freaks out worried about Lucy. He tells her Lucy is fine, which only confuses and upsets her more. Jesse gently says, "Lucy is not our baby." He tells her what really happened to Ellie. Through painful sobs, Angie wonders why he is being so cruel. Jesse just wants to tell her the truth. She asks for it and he recalls the night their baby died. Angie breaks out into more sobs and lashes out at Jesse. After calming down a bit, she asks what he did with Ellie. Jesse explains she's under a beautiful tree. Angie orders him to take her there.


Jesse brings Angie to the place in the park where he buried Ellie. She kneels down to the ground and frantically digs in the dirt demanding her baby back. She says, "Mommy's here." She's sorry she never got to hold or kiss her. She breaks down into tears on the ground, as Jesse watches over her.


Frankie and Randi try to calm a screaming Lucy in the park. Maya finds them and takes the bottle. She gets Lucy to calm down and the Hubbards note she has the magic touch. Randi heads back to the office. Maya tells Frankie Tad dropped her case. She thinks he found out something about her baby and didn't tell her. Frankie thinks it's too painful for Tad because of what he went through with Kathy. Maya doesn’t think so. She feels like he doesn't want her to find her baby, but she won't give up.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Tad worries Cara will be deported.

Marissa tells Bianca about JR's latest stunt.

Agnes Nixon makes an appearance.

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