I Have Something To Tell You.

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Jesse is ready to confess, JR threatens Marissa, and Erica looks for answers.

I Have Something To Tell You. image

Tad follows Jesse to the park to find out what exactly is going on. Jesse sighs and tells Tad the whole story about Ellie and Lucy. Tad is shocked, but suggests his friend take some time and think things through.


At the Hubbards, Maya tells Angie she made a mistake and can't live without her baby. When Angie finds out Maya left her baby in a cop car, she asks her to trust Jesse enough to let him help her. Angie picks up Lucy and tells her she might have a playmate soon. After Maya leaves, Jesse returns home. Angie tells her husband that Maya wants her daughter back and she wants him to help her. As Angie rattles on, Jesse orders her to stop. He has something to tell her.

Tad enters Krystal's and tells Maya he can't take her case. Before she leaves, Tad tells her what great people Angie and Jesse are. Maya wonders why he's telling her this. Does he know something about her baby?


In the park, Bianca and Marissa both admit they want to move in together.


After dreaming about Mike Roy at home, Erica calls David, but he ignores her. Bianca stops by and tells her mother that she and Marissa are in love. Erica is thrilled for her daughter, but admits she wishes Bianca wasn't involved with Krystal's daughter. She just hopes that apple fell far from the trampy tree. Bianca sees her mother's book she wrote with Mike. Erica explains she thinks Mike might be alive due to David's taunts. Bianca can't believe she fell for that. Erica knows David could be up to something, but thinks even Travis could be alive. Bianca doesn’t think so. Erica knows Travis has been dead a long time so that's why she keeps going back to Mike. She tells Bianca of her history with Mike and Jack. Bianca doesn’t want her to risk her relationship with Jack by taking David's bait. Erica can't risk not knowing if Mike is alive and leaves.

After ignoring Erica's phone call in his hotel room, David moves in for another kiss with Cara. She stops him. She wants to keep it professional from now on. David playfully wonders if she is using him to get info on Orpheus for Griffin. They banter for a bit and get to work, but David looks a little skeptical. Cara gets a call from the hospital. She learns Griffin isn't answering his pages, which is unlike him.


At the mansion, Dixie calls Marissa to plead JR's case. She thinks he's turned a corner, so she asks Marissa to bring AJ over for a visit. Marissa says she'll talk to her son and if he's ready, they'll stop by. JR enters the room and Dixie tells JR what she just did. JR thanks her with a hug. After Dixie leaves, Marissa drops in without AJ. She tells JR she and Bianca are moving in together. JR is irate that after getting sober and staying that way, she won't let him see his son. He won't let two lesbians raise him. They argue and JR shows her the video of her with Bianca. He tells her if she doesn’t give him his son, then the whole world will see the video and think she put it out there.


Dixie heads to the hospital and meets with Frankie, who will be examining her. She asks him about repressed memory. She feels if she remembered what happened to her, she could stop David from hurting someone else. Erica finds them and asks if Dixie remembers anyone else being at the clinic. Dixie thinks there was a woman. She suddenly remembers the woman wearing a bracelet with the letter B on it. That doesn't help Erica, so she leaves.


Erica enters David's office at the hospital. She wants more information on the person he has kept alive that she once loved. She agrees to appeal to the FDA on his behalf if he gives it to her. David leaves the office and Erica looks through one of David's files, which lists addresses next to initials. She makes a copy of the one that says M.R.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Cara wants to skip the immigration interview.

Zach asks if Kendall trusts him.

Angie asks about her baby.

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