No Drama. No Stress.

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Jack calls out Erica, Brot proposes, Jesse confesses and Zach's had it with Griffin.

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At home, Jack confronts Erica about why she's letting David keep the hospital. She tells Jack about David teasing that someone she once loved is still alive. She shows him a photo of Travis and Jack pulls out Mike Roy's obituary from her stack of memories. She notes he had a heart attack that no one told her about. Jack wonders if she wants to be reunited with one of her old lovers. Erica assures him she loves only him. Jack tells her to do what she needs to do. When she's done, she knows where to find him. He says he loves her and leaves. Opal visits her gal pal and gets filled in. Opal thinks this is just what David wanted, but Erica shouldn't take the bait and risk losing Jack. Erica agrees, but once alone, remembers her time with Mike.


Tad stops by the Hubbards after Angie tells him Maya wants to find her baby. He tells the nanny he's just there to help her. Maya shares her story with Tad and how she left her daughter in a cop car. Tad thinks Jesse would help her, but she's afraid she could get fired or arrested.


Jesse meets a nervous Brot at confusion. Brot wants Jesse's blessing to marry Natalia. Jesse is happy to welcome Brot to the family. Jesse thanks him for everything. He knows it hasn't been easy, but it looks like their secret will stay a secret. Jesse leaves and Natalia arrives. Brot tells his lady that his life hasn't been the same since he first laid eyes on her. Every day with her in it is better. He asks her to marry him and she excitedly says yes. As they celebrate, Tad arrives. Brot shares the good news and Tad congratulates them. He asks for a minute alone with Brot. Natalia leaves the area and Tad asks him about a baby left in a squad car. Brot stutters a bit, but says he doesn't know anything.


In David's office, he tells Angie they might have to accelerate her treatment because of Griffin. Angie thinks she can appeal to Griffin, but thinks Griffin wouldn't be going to the FDA if David wasn't playing God. Maybe if he revealed who his other patients were, people wouldn't be attacking him. They might even work with him. David scoffs, wondering when anyone in town has ever worked with him. Angie declares she will. David says right now they need to focus on her eyesight. Angie doesn’t want him to shut down now. She asks who else he saved. She wonders if he saved Babe. David responds that he will reveal who he has saved when it's in their best interest, emotionally and physically. Jesse arrives to pick up Angie. Angie tells her husband the surgery has been moved up. Jesse worries it isn't safe, but David assures him it's fine. Privately, David tells Jesse that Angie has high blood pressure, which adds risk to the procedure. His job right now is to make sure Angie stays as calm as possible – no drama, no stress.


Jesse finds Tad at Krystal's after getting a call from Brot. He offers to look into Tad's latest case, which makes Tad suspicious. Jesse calmly asks Tad to leave it to him. When Tad won't let it go, Jesse admits the baby he's looking for is Lucy.


Once Zach returns home, Cara stops by. Zach tells Cara, Griffin and Kendall he wants Cara to take over his care under David's direction. Cara readily agrees. Griffin pleads with his sister to walk away and promises not to go to the FDA if she quits. Zach thinks Griffin is just pissed because he's back, which prevents him from being with Kendall. Zach warns Griffin if he sinks Orpheus he will regret it.


Cara meets David in his hotel room. She tells him what happened at the Slater house. David thinks they just need to stay focused and not give up hope. She asks him if he's doing something to the patients to make them act differently than they normally would. David thinks they got to her. If she thinks he's capable of creating his own mob of zombies then he doesn’t want her involved. Cara just wants to know what's going on with Zach. David points out he saved the man's life so of course he would be appreciative. He also points to how Angie trusts him completely now. He declares the people of Pine Valley hate genius and do what they can to bring it down. He wonders if she will join the ignorant mob. Cara walks over to the door David left open and shuts it. She turns around and David kisses her.


Griffin gets a text from Kendall to meet him at the clinic. Griffin finds Zach waiting for him instead.

Monday's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

JR misses AJ.

Erica can't let David's taunts go.

Angie remembers giving up Frankie.

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