Not The Same Man.

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Cara stands her ground, Griffin and Ryan worry about Zach, and Kendall prepares for Zach's homecoming.

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Dixie stops by Tad's, who informs her immigration is watching them. He asks her to remember who else was in the room with her at David's clinic. She just remembers a woman's hand. Tad thinks it was Greenlee. She's not sure, but remembers being scared for what was happening to the woman next to her. She thinks David was damaging her in some irreparable way. Tad worries about Cara being with David and tries to call her, but she doesn’t answer. Dixie thinks she should give him some privacy, but he wants her to stay. She promises she's not going anywhere and they kiss.

At home, Greenlee finds Ryan thinking about Gillian. Greenlee wonders if it's possible that she is alive. Ryan doesn't think so because David would have used her to ruin their relationship long ago. Ryan says Gillian and Leo are part of them, but he knows Greenlee loves him. He feels the same way about her. He declares this is their time now. He tells her he put a bid on a property to house the Cambias and Fusion offices together. She thinks it's perfect.


As Zach prepares to leave the hospital, he tells Griffin he wants him to head up a clinic for him. Griffin wants nothing to do with it. Griffin warns that David is holding his power over him. Griffin hopes for Zach's sake as well as his family's he can free himself from it.


Cara bursts into David's office excited about being part of Orpheus. David counters there might not be a project if Griffin has his way. Cara declares she is behind him one hundred percent and she will convince Griffin of it too. Once Cara is gone, Ryan enters. He calls David out on using the memory of loved ones to come between him and Greenlee. Ryan declares he and Greenlee are solid and nothing he can do will change that. Ryan will do whatever he has to in order to take him down. Zach shows up and says that means he's taking him down too. Ryan can't believe Zach is standing by David. Zach says he's exactly where he needs to be and informs Ryan he outbid him on the property he wanted. Ryan leaves and David tells Zach he still doesn't completely trust him. After Zach is gone, Dixie stops by. Dixie is reminded that what fuels David is his jealousy of Tad. That's why he went after Cara. He wants everything Tad has and everyone Tad loves because those people would never love the lesser man that he is.


Griffin meets Cara at Krystal's and warns her to stay clear of David. As they bicker, Tad shows up and reminds Cara they have an immigration interview. Griffin leaves and Cara tells Tad she needs to ace the interview because she can't leave Pine Valley. They go over some things and then Tad tries to convince Cara David is bad news. Cara wants him to stop caring about her and being the good guy because it makes it hard for her to hate him.


Greenlee stops by Kendall's as she prepares for Zach's homecoming. She tells Kendall she came clean about Gillian with Ryan and it all worked out. Kendall in turn admits to her friend that Zach is different. Greenlee knows Kendall doesn’t like Zach teaming up with David any more than the rest of them. Kendall will stand by Zach no matter what and asks Greenlee to just be happy for them. Greenlee leaves and Kendall starts to head out to pick up Zach, but runs into Griffin at the door. He thinks Kendall is miserable because Zach is not the same man she lost. He's acting like David. They don't know what David did to bring Zach back and he's concerned about the side effects. Like mind control. Griffin can see in her eyes that she thinks he's right. He pulls her close as Zach walks in.


Ryan and Greenlee meet up in the park. He tells her Zach beat them to the property. Ryan won't stand around and watch Zach act just like David.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Erica reminisces about Mike Roy.

Brot proposes to Natalia.

Zach wants Griffin's files.

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