Goodbye Princess.

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Ryan lets go of the past, David taunts Erica, and Liza foils JR's plan.

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JR vows to Dixie in the mansion that he will prove to Marissa he is worthy of getting AJ back. Dixie tells him it has to be real and not just for show. JR assures her he's on his way back. The doorbell rings and JR signs for a package. He opens it to find a disc, which is a video of Bianca and Marissa having sex. He says to himself, "I wonder what the judge will say when he finds out you and your girlfriend made a sex tape."


Erica bursts into Krystal's surprising Bianca and Marissa. Opal also sees her friend and Erica gushes about her trip to France. Bianca tries to tell her mother about Marissa, but Erica hands out gifts and rushes out to see Zach. Alone, Bianca tells Marissa she has become more Erica Kane and less mom. She wishes Erica gave her the chance to tell her about the most incredible thing to happen in her life: Marissa. Later, Marissa shows AJ a house online, while Bianca asks Opal about posted real estate listings. Opal suggests she and Marissa take a walk by the park which has several houses for sale. After Marissa and Bianca leave, JR enters, disc in hand. He starts to upload the video of Marissa and Bianca on AJ's laptop, but Liza catches him. She tells him he will lose his son for good if he goes through with that. As they debate his misguided plan and his bigotry, Bianca and Marissa return after looking at houses. Liza points out they are happy, but JR doesn’t think it will last once he gets AJ back.

At home, Marissa is optimistic JR is turning his life around. Bianca doesn't trust him.


At the hospital, Griffin asks Kendall to keep David away from Cara. Kendall wants him to trust her because it will all work out. Zach and David watch them from Zach's room. David tells Zach it looks like Griffin is still in love with Kendall. Zach gets back in bed, as Kendall walks in. She tries to help Zach, but he pushes her away, mentioning that Griffin seemed upset. David leaves and Erica shows up to see Zach for herself. Zach tells her David deserves all the credit for him being alive and that they are backing him.

Greenlee finds Ryan packing at home. He tells her something just came up. She knows it's about David and wants him to let it go. She recalls David taunting her about Gillian, as Griffin shows up. He tells Ryan they can't let David take down Cara. Ryan leaves with Griffin, despite Greenlee wanting them to back off.


In the park, Tad reels after hearing Cara slept with David. Cara says she doesn't owe him an explanation or an apology. David shows up and tells Tad to back off before everyone finds out their marriage is a sham. Tad is stunned that David knows and the men exchange heated words. Tad walks away. Cara tells David she doesn’t need him to fight her battles and he won't score points with her by putting Tad down.

Ryan ambushes Cara at ConFusion to warn her away from David. Greenlee surprises them both by appearing and doing the same.


At home, Greenlee admits to Ryan that David told her Gillian could be alive. Ryan doesn't believe it and tells Greenlee they have to stick together against David. Greenlee heads to bed and Ryan recalls his past with Gillian. He turns around and sees a vision of his old love. They say they love each other. She mouths, "Goodbye." He says, "Goodbye Princess."


As Zach tells Erica in his hospital room that David may have saved others, he walks in. David tells Erica that with her family's help, the hospital will soon be known for the miracles it creates. Erica reminds him Jane sold him the hospital, not her, so she can shut him down. He taunts if that happens, she won't learn who else he has saved. Erica wants details. David says it's someone she loved, adding she will be grateful if she gives him the hospital. Exasperated, Erica says goodbye to Zach. Kendall gets up to leave as well and moves in for a kiss with her husband, but he brushes her away. The women leave and Zach tells David he got word that Griffin wants to talk to the FDA about Orpheus.


Tad visits Dixie at the mansion and tells her about Cara getting involved with David. Dixie can't understand why she can't remember what he did to her. Tad helps her relax and in a soothing voice questions her about her time with David. She recalls being on a gurney and seeing someone next to her.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Ryan confronts David.

Kendall admits Zach is different.

Cara wants Griffin to see the bigger picture.

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