No One Knows The Whole Story.

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Tad and Griffin worry about Cara, Angie wants to help Maya, and David fuels Zach's jealousy.

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In the Martin living room, Tad tries to get Cara to reconsider working for David. Cara believes in Orpheus, but Tad points out David never does anything without a price. Cara retorts that Tad got what he wanted, now she's going after what she wants.


As Amanda and Jake prepare to leave the hospital, they talk about adoption. He admits he's angry and sad because he wanted a sibling for Trevor. However, he's cool with adopting. Amanda declares good things are happening even if it's hard to tell. Tad interrupts them and Amanda leaves to see Angie. Tad tells Jake Cara is staying because of David. Jake can't get involved because he has to focus on the people who really need him and suggests Tad just let it go.


Maya, Angie and Lucy walk the park. Maya tells Angie Mookie is in California. She fears she's all alone. Angie points out she has the Hubbard family, which includes Lucy.


Krystal enters the mansion. Dixie wonders if Tad is okay. Krystal is happy to hear her concern because it means she's still in love with Tad. Dixie confirms, but says it's best for her to be with JR, while Tad sorts things out with Cara and Kathy is with her sister Jenny. Krystal reveals that she brought Kathy over, who invites Dixie to a party at the house.


Angie and Lucy enter the Martin home, where Angie and Dixie get reacquainted. Amanda joins the group and thanks Angie for her support throughout her ordeal. She then sees Dixie and they catch up. All the women discuss the power of motherhood, as Maya takes note while holding Lucy. As Angie and Maya prepare to leave, Angie assumes all the talk about kids must have been hard for her. Maya admits she loses sleep worrying about her baby. Angie thinks Jesse could help track her baby down, but Maya doesn’t want Jesse to know because she could get arrested for abandoning her baby.

Maya and Angie head back to the park. Angie is sympathetic to Maya and wants to help her find her baby. Maya begs her not to tell Jesse. Angie agrees.


Back at the mansion, Dixie dreams of David examining her. She wonders what he did to her and why she can't remember.


In the on-call room at the hospital, Griffin finds a photo of him with Kendall. Greenlee finds him and declares it's not easy letting go. She thinks Kendall will need him now that she and Zach have aligned themselves with David. David enters and taunts them about Zach and Kendall teaming up with him. Griffin and Greenlee remain resistant to him and walk out.


Cara enters David's office to work and he goes in for a kiss. She backs away and says their sleeping together was a one time thing. From now on it's strictly professional. Griffin joins them to warn Cara David is using her. She defends her position, but Griffin tells her she doesn’t know the whole story. No one does. He makes accusations against David and how he got duped by him. Cara looks offended and says she's not him.


Zach tells Kendall in his hospital room she should walk away from their marriage so she doesn't get hurt again. Kendall is with him no matter what. He just wants her to be safe and happy. She realizes he found out about her and Griffin. He thinks she needs someone stable who can keep her safe. Kendall gets upset and declares she is with Zach always. Greenlee walks in and the women leave to talk. David stops by and the men talk about Orpheus. Zach reveals that he knows there are other people David has saved. David is grateful for his support, but he doesn’t trust Zach to share anything just yet. Zach vows to earn his trust whatever it takes. Kendall and Greenlee return after David has left. Griffin enters demanding Zach get Cara off the project. Zach says if David wants her there it's good enough for him.


David finds Cara in the on-call room and invites her to dinner to discuss the project. She agrees and then leaves. Tad enters and warns David away from Cara. David counters if Cara is hurting right now, it's on Tad, not him.

David returns to Zach's room and warns him not to trust Griffin, stating that he's still in love with Kendall.


After learning from Griffin Cara was in David's hotel room, Tad tracks her down in the park. He asks if her association with David is strictly professional. She admits she slept with him.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Greenlee warns Cara about David.

David taunts Erica about who else he has saved.

JR vows to Dixie he'll prove he's worthy of AJ.

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