Not Everyone Hates You.

Friday, August 19th, 2011

JR screws up, Zach confronts Griffin, and David and Cara bond.

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Liza enters the mansion after learning JR had the custody case moved up. Colby joins them and learns Liza is helping JR with AJ. JR informs them he met with the judge and "persuaded" him to favor him in court. Exasperated, Liza thinks the judge will be swayed in the other direction. Liza leaves to try and save his case. Colby badmouths her mother to JR, who defends her. Colby then discovers that JR has spiked his coffee and calls him a selfish drunk. Liza returns and tells JR his plan backfired and he is going to lose his son. JR doesn’t care what he has to do – his son won't be raised by two lesbians.


After waking up at home, Bianca asks Marissa if she is okay after sleeping together. Marissa smiles and says she is more than okay. Marissa gets a call from Caleb that JR moved up the hearing. Marissa asks Bianca to be at the court and Bianca of course agrees.

Bianca and Marissa head to Krystal's. Marissa gets another call from Caleb learning that JR tried to bribe the judge, so she's getting full custody of AJ.


David talks to Cara about Tad and Dixie over a drink at ConFusion. He shares his own past with the couple and then gets Cara to admit her marriage to Tad was for her green card. She explains how Tad saved her life and then launches into a recap of her past. She shares how she finally felt like she was part of a community in Pine Valley, until the rug was pulled out from underneath her…and her brother too. David assumes she despises her for that. Cara knows Tad, Dixie and Kathy deserve to be happy. David wonders what she deserves. Tad enters and Cara quickly hides. David smiles in amusement as Tad walks over looking for Cara. The men exchange words and then Tad leaves. Cara returns and thanks David for putting Tad off. She also tells him her flight has been delayed and she has no where to stay. David offers up his place.


In Zach's hospital room, Kendall gets upset when he tells her what he wants to do. He says it needs to be done, but Kendall hates it. She steps out to get some water and runs into Griffin. She tells him that Zach finally told her what he remembered from the plane. She asks if he wants anything while she goes for water. He just wants her to be happy. Griffin heads into Zach's room. Zach asks what's going on between him and his wife. Does he love her? Griffin evades and leaves to put a rush on his blood work. Out in the hall, Griffin sees Tad, who tells him Cara might be leaving town.


David brings Cara to his hotel room. David opens up to her about actually caring about what other people think of him. Griffin calls Cara and David urges her to at least let her brother know she's safe. Cara calls Griffin back and quickly tells him she's fine. After she hangs up, David sets up the couch for her to rest before her flight. Cara assures him not everyone in town hates him, like her for example. In fact she likes him. She moves in and kisses him.


At home, Greenlee thinks about David's taunts about Gillian. Ryan asks her what's wrong. She wonders what if David could give him a gift like he did Kendall and Spike. Ryan can't imagine what it must have been like for her to think Leo was alive, but he doesn't want her to let David get between them.


Kendall bumps into Greenlee in the hallway. Kendall says she keeps waiting to wake up and realize it's all a dream. Greenlee assures her it's not and she should know because she had a dream about Leo. Greenlee loves Ryan, but the dream brought up the "What ifs?" She then says David is hinting about Gillian being alive, but she hasn't told Ryan. She worries Ryan could experience the same kind of overwhelming love with Gillian she felt for Leo. Kendall thinks it would be okay because Ryan loves her. Ryan shows up wondering what he just walked in on. The women cover and say they are just floored about Zach being back. Ryan leaves and Greenlee worries to Kendall that she can't compete with Gillian if she is alive. She doesn't want to tell Ryan there's a possibility because they don’t need any more obstacles in their relationship.


Ryan heads into Zach's room wondering how David happened to be there for him after the crash. Greenlee and Kendall enter, as Ryan asks if Zach his onboard. Zach announces that he's standing by David because he saved his life. He doesn't care if anyone has a problem with it.

Monday's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

JR asks Dixie for help.

Cara tells Tad she's working with David.

Zach makes a declaration.

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