You're The One.

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Zach becomes suspicious, Cara makes plans, Tad makes a decision, and Ryan gets surprising news.

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In the hospital on-call room, Cara blames David for destroying both her and Griffin's relationships now that Dixie and Zach are back from the dead. David reminds her he brought two beloved people back to the world.


At home, Tad talks with Opal about Dixie and Cara, noting he's stuck in the middle of two of the most amazing women he's known. Opal asks if Dixie knows why he married Cara. He hasn't told her because the green card reason is no longer valid since he and Cara began to have feelings for each other. However, he's got Dixie back now and even though they weren't together before she died, they were close. Cara stops by after Tad has left. She talks with Opal, who expresses how badly she feels for her and Tad. Cara doesn’t want to talk about it and heads upstairs to get some of her stuff.


JR finds Dixie still at the mansion in the morning. JR remains cold towards his mother and brings up David. She says she doesn’t remember what he did, but she despises David. Tad walks in and JR tells Dixie and Tad if they really want to help him they will testify on his behalf regarding custody of AJ. He declares he's done with alcohol for good and he wants them to vouch for him that he's not drinking. They will stand up for him in court, but they won't lie about the booze. JR leaves to get his son without their help. Once he's gone, Tad tells Dixie they need to talk. JR calls Liza, who stops by much to Colby's irritation. Liza tries to talk to her daughter, but Colby leaves the room. JR tells Liza if she helps him get his kid back, he will help her with Colby.


In the park, Tad tells Dixie why he and Cara got married. Dixie can see that Cara is in love with him now. Tad tells Dixie he was starting to have feelings for her too, but now that she is back, he knows she's the one. He's never stopped loving her.


Kendall panics when she enters Zach's hospital room and he's not there. Griffin wheels him in after running some tests. Zach takes note of Griffin and Kendall's easy rapport. After Griffin leaves, Zach brings up the letter he wrote before he left wondering what Kendall really wanted. Kendall tells him all she wants his him.

David finds Griffin in the hospital hallway and tells him he needs Zach to be ready. Griffin wonders for what, but David reminds him he chose the wrong side, so he'll have to wait like the rest of the mortals.


Griffin returns to Zach's room as Kendall and Zach canoodle. Zach and Kendall ask when he can go home. Griffin doesn't have an answer, but declares he's healing faster than expected. Zach wants to rest, so Kendall and Griffin head to the hallway. Kendall asks Griffin for a favor. Later, Griffin examines Zach to make sure he can handle what's to come. Zach questions him, as Kendall brings Spike and Ian into the room.

Griffin finds Cara in the on-call room. She tells him she's leaving town. He reminds her immigration will flag her and she'll be in danger. She promises she won't do anything stupid, but after her brother leaves, Cara calls to make plane reservations.

After running into Kendall in the hospital hallway, Griffin drives her and the boys home. Once there, Kendall thanks Griffin for saving Zach, but Griffin counters David is the one responsible.

Greenlee heads to the hospital to ask what David did to her at his clinic, because her dream about Leo was too real. David counters it's just her subconscious telling her that Ryan isn't the man for her. When the question of whether or not Leo is dead or alive comes up, Greenlee knows he's dead. She can tell by the look in David's eyes. She thinks his brother would hate him for manipulating her like this.


Greenlee visits Zach in his hospital room and empathizes with how he must be feeling after coming back from the dead. Zach admits to Greenlee he's worried Kendall has given her heart to someone else. He asks if Kendall and Griffin are in a relationship.


Ryan meets Jesse at Krystal's. He asks Jesse to help him talk to Ricky. Jesse agrees to help, but finds out that Ricky is dead.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

David overhears Cara making flight reservations.

David mentions Gillian to Greenlee.

Griffin wonders if Zach remembers the crash.

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