You Can See Your Husband Now.

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Kendall reels from seeing Zach, Dixie tries to get through to JR, and Amanda visits a beautiful place.

You Can See Your Husband Now. image

Tad confronts Cara at the hospital about moving out. She tells him she just wanted to give him space, but he never asked for any. Tad tells Cara she's his family. Cara wants Tad to have the chance to try again with Dixie. Whoever he ends up with, she will just be happy that he found love again.


JR stops Dixie from taking a drink at the mansion because of her heart. Dixie thinks that means he believes she's his mother. JR balks, so Dixie starts to tap a sip. JR shouts, "Don't!" Dixie in turn tries to get her son to stop drinking as well. JR just wants his mother to leave since that's all she does anyway. Dixie tells her son she loves him and has been trying to get back to her family. JR tells her the family was a mess long before they thought she was dead. JR says since she's not dead though, she's going to have to live with the fact that he's a drunk. Dixie is sorry he's in so much pain. JR knows how to numb it and pours himself another drink. He wonders how long she's sticking around this time, assuming she'll take of when it becomes too hard or when someone else comes around. Tad enters and tells JR if he needs to be angry at someone, he should be angry at him. JR states from now on what he does is his choice. He doesn't need either of them. Dixie stops him from leaving the room stating she is moving in to the mansion until she can make things right. Tad thinks it's a bad idea and JR agrees. She declares that if JR goes down it's her failure as a mother and she needs to own her actions. She wants to be there for him.


Jake sits by Amanda's hospital bedside worried that she hasn't woken up yet. When she does open her eyes, she wishes Jake wouldn't have woken her because it was so beautiful. Jake says they are waiting for her test results, but Amanda knows she is cancer free because "they" told her. Jake looks concerned as Amanda continues to talk about how beautiful this place was. She saw her father and his dog. She tells him something amazing is going to happen.


Griffin approaches a stunned Kendall at the hospital and sees David bringing Zach in. As David tells Griffin he has to save Zach since he doesn’t have his medical license anymore, Greenlee and Ryan try to explain to Kendall what they know about Zach. Bianca shows up and is shocked to see her presumed dead brother-in-law. Kendall beats herself up for starting to move on and not listening to her heart that Zach was alive. Bianca assures her Zach would have wanted her to live her life. Griffin angrily questions David about his treatment of Zach. He tells his mentor if Zach doesn't make it and Kendall's hope is taken away again, David will wish he is the one who's dead. Greenlee calls Jack, as Griffin walks out to tell Kendall Zach's infection is under control. He tells her to sit down when she starts to have trouble breathing. He wants to give her something for her anxiety, but she just wants to know if he pulled away from her because he knew Zach was alive.


In France, Jack and Erica enjoy being alone. Erica brings up Jane and says Jack should have known it wasn't her, especially since they slept in the same bed. Jack assures her all they did was sleep. Jack gets a call from Greenlee and learns that Zach is alive. Erica talks to Greenlee and says she will be on the next plane home. Bianca jumps on the phone and tells her mother to stay put because there is an army of paparazzi camped outside her penthouse. Bianca fears the media circus will descend upon Kendall if she returns. Erica orders Bianca to take care of Kendall and they hang up.


After Griffin checks out Kendall, Griffin asks Ryan to get her something to eat. Griffin then tells Kendall they never decided what they were to each other, but they are friends. She knows he wouldn't have kept Zach being alive from her. He tells her he's happy for her, as David leaves Zach's room. Griffin tells Kendall she can see her husband now. Kendall walks in Zach's room. He opens his eyes and says, "Kendall."

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Mookie waits for Maya outside the Hubbards' door.

Zach tries to remember what happened.

Marissa wants to spend the night with Bianca.

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