Take Me Home.

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Kendall sees Zach, JR doesn't believe Dixie is real, and Jack whisks Erica away.

Take Me Home. image

After David claims in his office that he saved someone Erica loves, Erica calls him a liar. David gets a call and leaves. Erica snoops around until Jack finds her.


Jack and Erica head to the Yacht Club where Erica tells him about David's claim that he saved someone she loved. They both agree he's lying and then Jack tells her he can't find Ben. Jack knows David will mess up and get arrested though, so it will all be over soon. Erica will makes sure he pays. Jack calls her amazing for not backing down, but he wants her to let the police handle it. He then has an idea for the two of them and whisks her away to Paris.


Cara shows up at Kendall's upset about Tad and Dixie. She calls it karma because she came to town for Jake and wasn't undeterred when she found out he was married. Kendall reminds her Jake didn’t leave Amanda for her, so Tad could stay with her. Cara points out they don’t have the history Tad and Dixie do. She says they are a legend like Kendall and Zach. Kendall states that Zach is gone. Cara knows about the Orpheus Project, but Kendall doesn't want to hear anymore theories. She's gotten over the fact that Zach died and now she's looking ahead. Kendall says she's going out of town until it all blows over. Cara hopes when it does she and Griffin can work things out. After Cara leaves, Kendall prepares to take the boys out of town, but discovers she needs to fill Spike's allergy medication.


After Ryan traces Angie's prescription to the clinic, Ryan hears Greenlee yell for help. He tries to use one of his gadgets to open the door, but has no luck. Ryan breaks in the room through an air vent. A shocked Ryan sees Zach and questions Greenlee. As Zach continues to seize, David races in to tend to his patient. David hooks Zach up to another I.V., but Zach doesn't want anymore drugs. David promises to take him off the drugs when it's medically possible. Greenlee wants to tell Kendall, but Ryan thinks they should wait in case Zach doesn’t make it. David discovers Zach doesn’t have a pulse and orders Ryan to get the paddles. David brings Zach back. Zach says, "Take me home." David doesn’t think that's the best option, but Zach wants to see Kendall. Ryan demands Zach be brought back to Pine Valley, but David doesn't think Zach is ready to be moved. Ryan insists.


As Kendall picks up Spike's medication at the hospital, she sees David rush in with Zach.


At Tad's, JR backs away from Dixie, who moves in to hug him. He thinks Tad got David to whip up another look-a-like as part of his tough love plan to straighten him out. Dixie is confused, so JR fills her in on the pain he's suffered through the past few years. He says being sober sucked so he crawled back inside the bottle. He says he might be a drunk, but he's not stupid and won't fall for a fake mommy. Once JR is gone, Tad fills in the blanks for Dixie. She wants to help JR, but Tad tells her she can't. The only person who can help JR, is JR. When Tad heads to the kitchen, Dixie sneaks out. Tad returns and realizes Dixie is gone and finds Cara's house key.


JR heads home and pours himself a drink. Dixie walks in and says she could use a drink herself.


Maya meets with Mookie at Krystal's. Colby joins them, which raises Mookie's ire. He gets mad and storms out. Colby realizes that Maya invited her because she knew it would upset Mookie. Colby wonders why she's dating him if she doesn't want to spend time with him. Colby suggests Maya make herself the priority in her life because it will change things for her. Maya knows she means breaking up with Mookie. Colby offers to do it for her, but Maya says she's got it.

Monday's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Dixie wants to move in with JR.

Amanda doesn't immediately wake up after surgery.

Jack and Erica head to the South of France.

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