Tad's Good Taste In Women.

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Cara meets Dixie, Zach continues to hallucinate, and Amanda undergoes surgery.

Tad's Good Taste In Women. image

Jesse brings Angie to a hotel room so they can have some privacy. He tells her he lent Maya out to Jake and Amanda to watch Trevor while Amanda has her surgery, so Lucy is with Frankie and Randi. Angie uses the drops David gave her, despite Jesse's concerns. He then kisses her, which serves as a great distraction from David. As they start to head towards the bed, someone knocks on the door. Jesse answers to Ryan and Kendall, who expected to find David. They tell them about the tracking device Ryan put in David's phone. Ryan asks to look through Angie's purse and finds the device David obviously found. Jesse asks why they are following him. Ryan explains that he is worried about Greenlee and how David is bringing people back from the dead, namely Dixie. Ryan worries that David will hurt Greenlee, but Angie thinks he loves her too much. She defends his ability to do good and urges them to work with David, not against him. Ryan is incensed, but Kendall thinks Angie has a point. She doesn’t think David will hurt Greenlee. Ryan isn't comforted and looks at Angie's eye drops. After Kendall and Ryan leave, Angie continues to defend David to her husband. She believes that David's work can save people, but Jesse believes he belongs behind bars.


In David's clinic, Zach continues to hallucinate, thinking he's battling his father. He has flashbacks to Alexander hurting his mother and Kendall. Greenlee gently reminds him that his father is dead and that Zach has Kendall and his boys waiting for him. Zach then thinks Greenlee is Kendall. Greenlee continues to try and reason with Zach, who is eager to get out of there. When Zach gets upset, Greenlee plays along that she is Kendall. Zach tells "Kendall" that she isn't safe with him, so when this is all over, they are done.


After Maya picks Trevor up from Amanda and Jake at Krystal's, Amanda thanks Jake for loving her. She asks him to not let go. He responds, "Never."

Jake brings Amanda to the hospital. She leaves him for a bit to visit with her mother alone. Griffin finds Jake to ask how Amanda is doing. Jake says his wife is spectacular. He didn’t know that though until right this second. Griffin assures him Amanda isn't going anywhere.


Amanda visits her mother in her hospital room. Janet is upset that she can't be there for her daughter. Amanda assures her she loves her no matter what she's done because she's her mom. Janet declares Amanda will kick cancer's butt. Amanda admits she's scared and curls up in Janet's arms on the bed.


Before Amanda goes into surgery, Jake visits with his wife and tells her he was thinking about their wedding vows. He notes that you never think you'll be at the "for worse" part. He promises he'll be there and that he's not going anywhere.

At the Yacht Club, Ryan vents his frustration about David. He also can't understand why Kendall doesn’t believe Zach could be part of David's miracles if she trusts him now. Griffin walks in and laughs at the idea of Kendall now believing in David when he doesn't anymore.


Dixie asks Tad about Cara at the house. When he evades, she snaps at him. He laughs because she's starting to sound like herself. He calls her a miracle and then suggests she see a doctor. Not David, but Cara, who enters the room. She introduces herself to Dixie, as David watches through the window. Dixie breaks the ice by joking that Tad has excellent taste in women. Cara calls her kind and gracious. Dixie knows she has made things tough on Tad over the years, but assures Cara she won't cause him anymore pain. Dixie leaves the room for the marrieds to talk. Cara calls Dixie lovely, but Tad tells her that Dixie isn't the only one around there who's wonderful. Tad says nothing has to change between them. He wants her to realize how important she is to him. They just need time.


Dixie walks in the park and enjoys the nature, as David approaches. Dixie cowers when she sees him.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Scott questions JR.

JR sees Dixie.

Jack talks to Jane.

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