Tell Me Everything.

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Angie gets new eye drops, Zach wakes up, and Dixie meets Kathy.

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In David's Clinic, a heart monitor continues beeping beside Zach's bedside as Greenlee sleeps beside him. They are toe to toe. She wakes up and checks his pulse. It is strong. She pounds on their door screaming to be let out. Greenlee tends to Zach and tells him how much Kendall has missed him. The children want to see him. She begs him to open his eyes. He opens them. She screams for help. He comes to and calls her by name. He wants to go but is delusional and calls Greenlee his mom.

Jesse comes to Kendall's door and asks Kendall if Erica is there. He warns her not to lie. He comes inside. She says she believes Erica's story. She continues that Jackson is in Brazil now talking to the plastic surgeon and getting the whole story. Ryan arrives and Jesse leaves. Ryan tells her Greenlee is missing and Dixie is alive. He tells her that Janet saw Dixie Martin. Kendall admits she saw Janet and Dixie too. She says when David’s name was mentioned Dixie took off. She wonders if Dixie could be at the hospital. He wants to call Griffin to give him a heads up. He tells him Dixie is alive. Griffin says he’ll handle everything on this end. Jessie wants to know what’s up. He says they are bad liars. Ryan feels that David is on the move.


On a park bench Dixie wakes up in Tad's arms. She touches his hand softly. She wants to know about his life. He tells her about the missing child. The nine year old that has her eyes. She turns to him weeping and they hug. She can't believe their baby is alive. He explains he calls her Kathy. Dixie is excited and asks about JR. She asks if he's a good father. Tad covers for him and suggests it's time they went home.


At the hospital, David tells someone on his cell phone that he must find Dixie before she ruins things.

Krystal opens her door to find David there. She asks why he's there. She lets him in but warns him not to hurt anyone she loves. He calls her pathetic. She retorts that the only thing he's ever done is bring people misery and pain. He claims he's helped human kind. She says the only two good things he's ever done is bring Marissa and Babe into this world and adds, “God rest Babe's soul.” He asks why she thinks God is caring for Babe and leaves. Opal joins Krystal and moans about David hurting people again. Tad arrives and announces that he’s got something to show them. He tells them to brace themselves. Dixie walks in and Opal asks if it’s really her. She says yes and they hug and cry. Tad explains that Dixie escaped from Oak Haven and Tad found her. Krystal hugs Dixie next. Tad calls Cara on his phone and asks her to call him. He’s worried about her. Kathy runs in and Dixie stares at her. Tad tells Kathy he wants her to meet her mom. She really did see her mother in the park. Kathy says she looks just like her pictures. Dixie calls her beautiful and they hug. Tears run down Dixie’s cheeks. Dixie apologizes for not coming home sooner. Kathy tells her mom that her dad has told her all about her mom. Tad calls her "Sunshine." Dixie wants to call her that too. Kathy asks if she can call her mommy. They hug. Dixie wants to hear everything but Tad wants them to eat first. Tad and Kathy go to the kitchen and he tells Dixie to stay put. Dixie sees Tad’s wedding photograph. Krystal comes in with some food. Dixie thanks Krystal for taking care of Kathy when she was away. Kathy says she should thank Cara too.


At the hospital, Ryan and Griffin talk about where Greenlee might be. Ryan's sure Hayward has her somewhere. He wonders if Greens is in the hospital. He's angry and lashes out.

David rushes into his office and misses a phone call. Angie comes to the door. She calls him out. He says he’s not backing out of her treatment. Griffin walks in too. He says the Orpheus research is illegal. Jesse arrives and Angie defends David. Griffin says it’s not just about eyesight. There are other patients. She asks to be alone with David and the rest leave. She wants all of the truth. He says she’ll need to sit down for this one. He explains that he’s found the secret to life and gives her some new eye drops. She leaves David’s office and finds Jesse in the hall. He wants to take her away.

Opal sees Cara at the nurse’s station. She lets it out that Dixie is alive. Cara says she’s happy for all of them.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Amanda and Janet share a close moment.

Greenlee pretends she is Kendall.

David tricks Ryan and gets him off his trail.

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