Together Forever.

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Tad sees Dixie, Greenlee tries to wake Zach up, and Amanda visits her mother.

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Amanda visits Janet at the hospital and learns her mother wants to move in with her. Jake declares he won't leave her alone with Amanda. He then asks if she was the one who set the fire to Oak Haven. Janet is incensed by the accusations and expresses her disdain towards Jake. She tells her daughter she doesn’t need a man to lean on. Amanda tells her she has cancer and explains about the hysterectomy. Janet knows she will survive this. She tells Amanda she is already a great mother to Trevor even if she can't have more kids. Janet orders Jake to take care of her little girl. Amanda cries as she reaches for her mother's hand.


Greenlee sees Zach in David's clinic and feels his heartbeat to determine that he's real. She tries to run out to get Kendall, but finds the door is locked. As she begs him to wake up, she sees scars on his arm and wonders how David pieced him back together. She also wonders if the I.V. he is hooked up to is keeping him alive or keeping him knocked out. She decides to pull it out, but Zach grabs her arm before she can.


Opal worries to Krystal at home about Erica, as Cara walks in. She assures them that no bodies were found in the rubble at Oak Haven. She tells the women that she met Janet, who told her Dixie was alive. Opal and Krystal don't believe it.


After Ryan roughs David up at his place, David offers to tell him whatever he wants to know if he stops snooping around. Ryan asks about Project Orpheus. David responds that it is wrapped in pure genius. His of course. He talks about his stem cell research and how he went from working on lab rats to human beings. Ryan wonders why he shouldn’t turn him in. David reminds him that he gave Ryan Greenlee back. Ryan demands to know where she is. Griffin stops by and confronts David about Dixie. David won't confirm her being alive, but talks about his love for her. Griffin just wants the truth from Dr. H. When David tries to leave, Griffin grabs him and holds him as Ryan takes David's phone. Ryan turns his back to them and then throws the phone back to David.


At home, Kendall and Bianca try to wrap their minds around seeing Dixie alive. Kendall then tells Bianca that Griffin has been working with David on Orpheus. She only knows it's how David brought Greenlee back. Bianca wonders if David did the same thing with Dixie. Kendall doesn't know. Bianca asks if she thinks David has brought Zach back as well. Kendall declares that Zach is dead and there's nothing anyone can do to change it. Bianca asks if that's what got between her and Griffin. Kendall says they just weren't good together. Bianca calls Marissa over because she needs her right now. Kendall checks on the kids, as Bianca tells her girlfriend what David has been up to. Kendall returns to find the women kissing. She tells him how happy she is that they are together. Marissa leaves and Bianca apologizes for bringing up Zach. She didn't want to make things harder for her. Kendall tears up and says she didn’t because it's already hard enough.


Dixie listens to Tad talking to her through the stars in the park. He starts to leave, but Dixie says his name. Tad stops stunned and turns around to see her. Tad asks if she is a ghost. Dixie walks over to him and touches his face. She says, "It's me. It's Dixie." Tad embraces her. He doesn’t know how to make sense of her being alive since he watched her die and heard her last words. She recalls them and says, "Together forever." Tad recalls that she was poisoned and died. Through stuttered speech she says she was dead, but now she's not. Tad calls it beyond wild. She tells him she was at Oak Haven, but she doesn't remember why. He asks where she was before and she just says, "David." Tad becomes enraged over the thought of David keeping her for all this time. She gets upset and says she doesn’t want to talk about David. He holds her as she cries.

"All My Children" was pre-empted at 1.51 PM EST by a presidential press conference.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Zach hallucinates.

Angie learns David is treating other patients.

Dixie wants to hear about Tad's life.

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