Pancakes? No.

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Erica tries to get through to Dixie, Ryan and Griffin snoop, and Greenlee sees a face from the past.

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Ralph brings Dixie to the art room in Oak Haven to see Erica and Janet. Janet tells her it's nice to see her breathing again and then leaves with Ralph. Erica tries to question Dixie, but Dixie doesn't know her. Erica tries to jog her memory about being married to Adam, eating poisoned pancakes and having a son named JR. Dixie just says, "Pancakes? No." Erica asks her to write down what she can't say. Ralph returns and Janet sees that Dixie just drew a picture of a star. Janet recalls the star might have something to do with Tad and thinks they should escape so they can bring Dixie to him. Janet has a plan that involves gasoline she siphoned off during a field trip. She plans to set a fire as a diversion so they can make their escape. Erica is onboard.


Opal interrupts Jake and Amanda at Krystal's talking about her hysterectomy. She begs Jake to get Erica out of Oak Haven. Jake tells her he doesn't have any pull with Oak Haven. Amanda tells Jake she has an appointment with Opal for a Glamorama treatment. Jake leaves and Amanda tells Opal she's worried about Jake and fears she's like Janet. Opal tells her she saw Janet at Oak Haven and assures her she is nothing like her mother and never will be. Before Amanda leaves, she asks Opal to not let Janet get her hands on Trevor if something happens to her.


At home, Tad tells Krystal he and Cara didn’t go on their trip because of JR. Krystal knows Tad is happy and promises him JR will get back up on his feet on his own. She thinks if he's smart he will sweep Cara off of hers.


Cara tells her brother at the hospital that she and Tad are going on a trip. She thinks maybe they can all go together one day, but Griffin relays that he and Kendall didn't work things out. Cara wonders what's wrong with him because she knows he wants to be with her. Griffin tells her he can't be with Kendall right now because of David. He encourages her to go have a good time with Tad. She agrees, but assures him they will pick this up when she gets back.


Tad bumps into Jake in the park and learns Amanda is going to have a hysterectomy. Jake thinks it's true that you don't really know what you have until you lose it. Tad assures him Amanda isn't going anywhere. Cara joins them and tells Jake he just needs to support his wife. The way he loves will be more than enough. Cara then mentions she and Tad are going to Martha's Vineyard. Jake congratulates his brother as Amanda joins them. Amanda grabs the champagne from Jake's picnic basket and makes a toast to family. Once alone, Jake explains how he kept a piece of himself back from her and Trevor. He thinks he kept Cara and the past close because it was easier than the idea of being tied to one person for the rest of his life. He was a fool though and asks her to forgive him. If she can, he will give his whole self to her. Amanda admits she pushed him away too. Jake thinks it takes something like cancer to really see what they have.

Tad and Cara head to Krystal's to pick up a few things for their trip. Opal calls Tad to tell him Kathy needs her daddy.


Ryan and Griffin break into David's office and his safe. Ryan finds a disc and a pile of obituaries of people from Pine Valley. They play the CD, which is video message from David to Griffin in the event of him being near death's door. David asks Griffin to do what he has to do to save him.


David brings Greenlee to his mysterious clinic. She asks about Leo, but he wants to take care of her first. David declares he won't lose her because he gave her her life back. He won't let anyone take it away. Greenlee asks about Leo again, but David remains vague. He knows she's not feeling numbness in her legs and accuses her of playing games with him. David won't let her throw away the life he gave her back. She will finally understand what he gave her. She tells him Leo is dead and tries to run away from him, but he injects her with something. Greenlee later wakes up on the floor. She slowly gets up and sees a sleeping Leo.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Zach returns.

Kendall and Bianca see Erica.

Annie visits Ryan and Emma.

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