Feeling Nothing.

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Bianca and Marissa are in trouble, Kendall's plan hits a snag, and Scott pleads with Madison.

Feeling Nothing. image

As JR prepares for Asher to come home to the mansion, Marissa tells him how impressed she is that he rushed in to save him. A devastated Scott walks in and asks for a minute alone with Marissa. JR leaves and Scott tells Marissa the baby died and he's trying to give Madison the space she needs. He's there to keep busy with the gatehouse. Marissa makes it clear she is there for him whatever he needs. Scott appreciates it and hugs her, as JR returns. Scott heads out to the gatehouse and Marissa tells JR about Madison's baby. She declares she will be there for Scott, but JR thinks it's a big mistake. She reminds him it's none of his business who she is friends with. She leaves for a meeting and Scott returns to the main house. JR offers his condolences. He also offers him the Chandler Enterprise place in London if he wants to get away. Scott thinks he just wants him away from Marissa. Scott tells his cousin there's nothing he can do to get Marissa back. He leaves, as JR smirks over the thought of rising to the challenge.

At home, Greenlee offers to help Ryan with the arrangements for the baby. Ryan doesn't want to hurt her, but considering everything that's happened, he needs to do it alone.


David finds Madison looking at the babies in the hospital nursery. He offers his condolences, but Madison accuses him of setting this whole thing in motion when he originally pushed her to cozy up to Ryan. David responds that he wouldn’t wish this kind of pain on anyone and shares how he lost his own little girl. Ryan shows up and after some words, David leaves. Ryan offers to take care of the funeral arrangements for Madison and they go over the details.


Scott stops by Madison's hospital room. She is icy towards him, but he tells her he loves her and he will keep coming back until she realizes what they had was real. Madison knows she has every right to doubt what he says, but she doesn’t. She knows they had something more than just a deal, but it's all gone. She feels nothing now. Scott thinks she just needs to give it some time, but Madison knows the pain will never go away. She doesn’t know if she will ever feel anything ever again. He leaves the room, but sits in a chair so he can watch over her from the hallway.


David heads over to the Laverys' place to see Greenlee. She wants him to leave, but he offers to be there if she wants someone she can be her real self with. Before he leaves, he tells her she did nothing wrong because everyone needs to keep secrets sometimes. He adds, "Believe me. I still have plenty." Ryan returns home after David has left. Fighting back tears, Ryan tells his wife that planning his baby's funeral was the hardest thing he's ever had to do. Greenlee comforts him as he wonders what his daughter would have been like as she grew up.


Griffin drags Kendall to the abandoned house in hopes of preventing her from confronting Ricky on the yacht miles from land. Kendall needs it to end and plans to pretend that she's okay with Ricky killing Zach in order to set him up. He eventually agrees to her plan, but he wants Ryan's guy to make sure the yacht can't go out into the water. He also wants to be onboard the yacht so they can end this together.


After Ricky lures Bianca to the yacht, he confronts her about telling Miranda to stay away from him. He demands to know what she doesn’t like about him. Bianca tap dances around it and tries to leave, but Ricky grabs her. Their struggle causes her to have flashbacks of when Michael Cambias raped her. Ricky throws her to the ground, knocking her out, and says, "It's time to find out who else knows what."


As Marissa walks the hall of the yacht club hotel, she sees Bianca draped over Ricky's shoulder. He tells her she passed out and Marissa helps get them inside. Ricky then forcefully prevents Marissa from getting hotel security. Once Ricky has left, Marissa wakes up to discover she's tied up in a closet with Bianca.


Ricky meets up with Kendall on the yacht and as he puts a flower behind her ear, she loses her earpiece. Panicked, Griffin calls Ryan's guy, who Ricky previously saw in the park, but he appears to be dead. Griffin starts to head out, but he's stopped by a cop. Kendall picks up her earpiece when Ricky leaves the room, but she can't hear Griffin. She then realizes the boat is moving.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Jake learns Amanda isn't pregnant.

Cara fears Griffin is dead.

Kendall gets Ricky to admit the truth.

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