Speaking From Her Heart.

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Kendall gets crafty, Ricky targets Bianca, and Tad deals with his feelings.

Speaking From Her Heart. image

A glum looking Tad saddles up to the bar at Krystal's. She asks if she can help and Tad responds, "Can you help me from falling in love with my wife?" He thinks he's a fool because Cara won't love anyone but Jake. Krystal in turn confesses her issues with Jack. Amanda walks in and they notice she is distracted. Krystal walks away to get her some decaf coffee and Amanda admits to Tad she and Jake aren't doing so great. Tad encourages her to keep working at it because they are obviously in love. Amanda appreciates Tad's advice. After Tad leaves, Amanda asks Krystal if Tad and Cara can be a real couple because it would be good for everyone. Krystal agrees, but not if someone is trying to force it to happen. Amanda gets a text from the hospital with news that her pregnancy test was negative.


Jake finds an upset Cara drinking at ConFusion. Jake decides to join her in a drink and they talk about Griffin and her marriage to Tad. Cara admits their marriage is more than just an arrangement because they get each other and look out for each other. Cara realizes Jake's drink is just soda and lashes out because she doesn’t need a babysitter to hold her hand. She gets off her stool and stumbles into his arms. They bicker a bit about Jake always being there for her and Tad walks in. Jake leaves and Cara asks Tad if he found a lead on Griffin. Tad only says he is confident her brother will be exonerated. She wonders if there is anything else going on in his head. He says no, except for the part where he gets to spend the night with her. She wonders what he means and he tells her he was thinking of watching movies at home. Tad looks hurt when she is relieved he didn't mean sex.

Amanda goes to the park and calls the hospital to ask them to run the test again, because she was sure she was pregnant. Jake finds her and says whatever is meant to be will be about the baby. She cries, but lies and says she hasn't heard from the hospital yet.


As a panicked Griffin listens in, Ricky springs an impromptu wedding on Kendall at her house, with "Erica" and Bianca standing by. Through the earpiece, Griffin urges her to call it off. Kendall tries to stall, but Ricky tells the reverend they are ready. The wedding gets underway, as Griffin continues to appeal to Kendall to call it off. Ricky says his vows, but when it's her turn, Kendall stalls. Bianca tries to help, but "Erica" encourages Kendall to speak from her heart. Jack walks in, surprised to see what's going on. After learning they will be going on a cruise on the yacht for their honeymoon, Kendall says she is ready to speak from her heart. She tells Ricky she trusts him so now she needs him to trust her. She wants her day to be special and everything she has dreamed about, so she needs more time. She suggests they head to the yacht and take a cruise, just the two of them. "Erica" tells a taken aback Kendall to enjoy her romance on the high seas and then leaves with Jack. Kendall shoos Ricky out so she can pack and then tells a worried Bianca she has to do this. Bianca exits and then Kendall tells Griffin through her earpiece that she will end this. She thanks him for his help and then takes out her earpiece. Bianca returns with Miranda and then leaves the room for a minute. Ricky also returns and asks Miranda to be a flower girl. She agrees and they hug. Bianca sees them and after Ricky goes to the kitchen, Bianca tells her daughter to stay away from Ricky. Once they leave, Ricky walks back in the room with a menacing look on his face. After Ricky exits once again, Griffin walks in the house and argues with Kendall about her plan. He realizes she has a gun so he picks her up and carries her out.

After getting a text from "Kendall," Bianca boards the yacht. Ricky reveals himself and says, "Welcome aboard."


"Erica" and Jack head to Krystal's and he shows her the key ring he found. He's surprised it's hers, but she lies saying she found it during her captivity. Krystal approaches and Jack steps away. Krystal apologizes to "Erica" for things getting a little heated last time about Jack. "Erica" tells her if she ever tries to steal Jack, she will kick her ass into next week. Krystal is shocked by her reaction.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Scott vows to help Madison.

Maya's hiding another secret.

Kendall injects Griffin with a syringe.

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