That's What Family Is For.

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Cara worries about Griffin, Ricky has a surprise for Kendall, and Amanda confesses to Jake.

That's What Family Is For. image

Tad visits Cara at the free clinic. She's upset because it's Griffin's birthday and she's worried about him. Tad assures her he is doing everything he can to clear her brother. They talk about their arrangement and she refers to their marriage as work. Tad doesn't think of it that way, especially when he sees her with the girls. Cara loves being with Kathy and Jenny and hopes she can stay in their lives when they eventually go their separate ways. A dejected looking Tad says they don't have to worry about that for a while. Cara thanks him for all his help with her and Griffin. Tad responds that's what family does.


Kendall returns home to an angry Ricky, who wonders why she lied to him about telling the boys about their engagement. She says the time isn't right and she needs him to stop pressuring her. When he expresses his doubts that she loves him as much as he loves her, she convinces him otherwise. He kisses her and then leaves. Kendall wipes off her mouth in disgust and calls Griffin, who tells her to get over to the house now.

Kendall heads to the house and watches a video Griffin discovered of Ricky and Diana rolling around on cash from a casino other than Zach's. Griffin declares he's going to check out said casino. Kendall gets upset thinking about how much she hates Ricky and Griffin calms her down. He promises this won't go on for much longer. The boy Griffin met last week stops by with a car Griffin asked him to get.


Jack pulls an enthusiastic "Erica" into a kiss in the bedroom. He pulls back, noting she's never kissed him like that before. He goes in for another smooch and leads her to the bed, but she says she can't because she doesn’t feel like her old self. When they have sex again, she wants it to be special. Almost as if it were the first time. She wants high romance where they fall in love all over again. Jack thinks it sounds perfect and asks her out to dinner. "Erica" gets a call from Ricky, who wants her help in doing something special for Kendall. After "Erica" leaves, Bianca stops by. As they talk about "Erica" they see a key on the floor. They don’t know what it's for and note the keychain doesn’t look like anything Erica would own.


Outside the casino, Tad finds Griffin talking with a former employee of the now closed establishment. The man walks away after Griffin shows him Ricky and Diana's photos. Griffin brings him up to speed and Tad notes it's a dangerous game they're playing. Tad says a friend of his can probably pull whatever is left off Ricky's hard drive. He then asks what he should tell Cara. Griffin doesn't want him to tell her anything. Griffin thanks Tad for taking good care of his sister, noting their fake marriage doesn’t have to stay that way.


Ricky and "Erica" meet at ConFusion. She thinks he wants her to plan an engagement party, but Ricky has something else in mind.


Kendall finds an upset Cara at Krystal's. As they talk, Cara sees Kendall's engagement ring. Kendall informs her she's engaged to Ricky, saying he's a good guy. Cara doesn’t believe that and doesn't think Griffin does either. Cara admits Griffin had feelings for her and she thought it was reciprocated. Kendall tells her they are just friends. "Erica" calls Kendall and asks her to meet at the house.


"Erica" meets with Kendall at her house. "Erica" says she and Jack are taking her and Bianca out to celebrate her homecoming. She then instructs her to get dressed for a wonderful night. Griffin listens in as "Erica" gives Kendall a rose and answers the door to Bianca. She then opens the door to Ricky and a minister. Ricky announces they are getting married right there, right now.


After feeling dizzy at home, Amanda heads to the hospital where she runs into Angie. She tells Angie she thinks she's pregnant even though her home test was negative. She adds that Jake doesn't know it's a possibility. Angie won't lecture her about keeping secrets and wishes her luck. Amanda then sees Jake. She admits she stopped taking her birth control pills and she thinks she's pregnant. She thinks having a baby would be so good for them, but Jake is hesitant. He assumes she's only doing this because she thinks something is wrong between them. He gets frustrated and leaves to take a walk.


Jake finds Cara having a drink at ConFusion.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Kendall changes venues.

Ricky overhears Bianca warning Miranda away from him.

Cara misinterprets Tad's intentions.

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