She's Gone.

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Madison and Ryan grieve, Griffin stumbles on some evidence and Jane continues to baffle the people in Erica's life.

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Greenlee finds Ryan in the hallway at the hospital after Madison begs to see her baby. Frankie and another doctor emerge from the O.R. to tell Ryan his baby didn't make it. Ryan is devastated and Greenlee asks what she can do. Ryan just walks away.


Upon seeing Ryan's fallen face, Madison orders him to go out and come back in to tell her everything is okay. Ryan sits down with her and says, "We lost her." Madison and Ryan both break down as they, process what just happened. Madison says they need to make arrangements, but a teary Ryan tells her it can wait because right now they have to say goodbye to their little girl.


Ricky returns to his hotel room as Kendall and Griffin restore the files from his laptop. Griffin hides as Kendall explains to her fiancé she was creating a wedding website. He can't wait to tell her kids about their engagement. She lies and says she already told the boys. He wants them to love him as much as they loved Zach. Greenlee calls Kendall and tells her Ryan and Madison's baby died. Kendall tells Ricky she needs some time alone and Ricky leaves the room. Kendall goes on the terrace and Griffin, who has been listening in, asks if she is okay. She says she's not. Griffin tells her to go to Ryan and to send his condolences. Ricky returns and asks if he can go to the hospital with her. She agrees and they head out.


After "Erica" acts uncharacteristically rude to Opal, she leaves Erica and Jack's place. Jack reminds "Erica" Opal is her best friend and even though she's been through a lot, she has to remember that the people who love her went through hell while she was gone. Jack gets a call about Ryan and Madison's baby and they leave for the hospital.

Jack and "Erica" arrive at the hospital. "Erica" talks with Ricky and after some discussion about the loss, she asks about the engagement. He tells her Kendall said yes. She's thrilled and offers to throws a huge engagement party. He thinks it would be great, but reminds her the timing is bad because of the recent tragedy. Erica then runs into Greenlee, who has been leaving messages for Scott. Erica asks how she is doing and offers support. Greenlee is understandably skeptical. Later, Scott excitedly walks in with gifts for the baby. Greenlee tells him she tried to call him. He can tell by the look on her face that something has happened to the baby and he cries.


Ryan brings Madison to the chapel, but she doesn’t know how to say goodbye to their baby. She cries as she says she misses Sara and it's like there's a gaping hole where she used to be. Ryan encourages her to tell their daughter that. Ryan comforts her after she says her goodbyes, as Scott walks in.


Kendall and Bianca meet up in a waiting room. Bianca says she saw their mother with Ricky and she wants to clue her in. Kendall thinks they should wait because Jack said "Erica" hasn't been herself. Ricky finds Kendall, who tells him he doesn’t need to stay because she will be there all night. He says she's a good friend and leaves. As Griffin looks through the files they restored from Ricky's laptop, Griffin talks to Kendall through their earpiece. She tells him he's amazing for doing this and wishes she could be there to help. He tells her to be with her friends and he'll take care of it. Kendall later comforts Greenlee and suggests she just be on call for Ryan whenever and whatever he needs.


Griffin looks through Ricky's files and sees a video of him with Diana in bed. Griffin sighs and says, "We got him."

Ricky heads over to Kendall's house, where Opal is watching the boys. Ricky gives Spike a gift and then learns the boy doesn’t know about the wedding.

Erica tries to reason with Jane's man in her bedroom through the mirror. She offers him more money than Jane could possibly afford. He tells her it's about so much more than money. Jane returns to talk with "Erica" who asks how it went with Jack. Jane informs her that she covered brilliantly after Erica fed her the bogus engagement story. Jane then tells Erica Ryan and Madison lost their baby, but says Ryan has a huge support system so he'll be fine. Erica asks if Jane stole her life because she doesn't have anyone to care about her.

Monday's Pine Valley spoilers for "All My Children:"

Cara sees Kendall's engagement ring.

Jake learns Amanda has stopped taking her birth control pills.

Kendall learns Ricky killed Diana.

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