Sara Lavery.

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Madison sees her baby, Colby apologizes to Asher, and "Erica" raises some eyebrows.

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Asher wakes up in the hospital to find Caleb and JR by his bedside. He says he can barely feel his legs. JR and Caleb tell him they will set up physical therapy at home. Caleb wants him to come to Wildwind, but JR says he has equipment at his mansion from when he broke his pelvis. Colby walks in and apologizes for her behavior before the explosion. She wants him to come home with her and JR, where he belongs. Alone with Asher, Colby apologizes for shutting him out and taking her anger out on him. She asks him to forgive her. Maya watches from the hallway and runs into Opal, who explains Asher's history of adoption.


Frankie finds Maya looking at the babies in the nursery. He wonders if she's thinking of her own child. She tells him she knows she wouldn’t be able to take care of a baby and tells him she's doing well working for the Chandlers.


Scott brings Madison to see her baby, but she tells him she needs to do this on her own. He leaves her to it and Madison watches over her baby in the incubator. Ryan joins her and they touch their baby through the slots in the incubator. Madison thinks since they are letting them touch her, she must be getting better.


Elsewhere in the hospital, Jane recalls recuperating from her plastic surgery. Jack asks if she's okay and she says yes, but she walks away to the ladies room. Greenlee finds her father and admits to him that she kept the secret of Ryan's baby from him. She also tells him about her deal with Scott. Jack doesn’t judge her and gives her a hug. "Erica" sees them and reminds herself that Greenlee is Jack's daughter. She walks in with open arms and gives Greenlee a big hug, much to Jack and Greenlee's confusion. When Greenlee calls "Erica" out on it, she says she just wants to put all their pettiness behind them. Greenlee leaves to find Ryan and Jack says that was unexpected, but appreciated. He wants her to get checked out, but she says she's fine and that she has to be somewhere.


Scott finds Greenlee in a lounge area in the hospital. He tells her he found an apartment that is bigger and closer to the hospital for Madison, but it's more expensive so he needs an advance on his salary. She tells him the hospital will cover any expense for Madison. Scott knows she's doing it out of guilt. Scott says being sorry won't change what they did, but he will be there for Madison in any way that she lets him.


Ryan brings Madison back to her hospital room and gives her a card from Emma and a list of potential baby names. Madison picks Sara Lavery. Ryan thought she'd want to use her last name, but Madison says North is her old life and Sara is her new one. She'd be honored to give their child his name.

Out in the hallway, Ryan sees the medical team race to an emergency. He asks Greenlee to keep Madison preoccupied. Greenlee heads into Madison's room and apologizes for everything she's done, especially the fight they got in before she got in her accident. She then pleads Scott's case, but Madison is thinking about is her baby.

Ryan watches from the window as the medical team works on Sara. Frankie comes out and tells Ryan she has developed pneumonia.


"Erica" goes to Krystal's where Caleb finds her. He calls her Dorothy, but she doesn't react. She finally looks up and recognizes Caleb, who sits down with her. She asks after Asher and expresses her regret over what happened. He assures her it wasn't her fault and declares they will get the people who took her and put them away forever. She says she can't believe he came all the way to St. Bart's to try and stop her wedding. He notes she made her choice and says he has to respect it. "Erica" tells him she would never accept this kind of rejection so graciously and assumes his feelings didn't just go away. Opal sees them as Caleb tells her he is accepting what is: She's committed to someone else. Caleb picks up his takeout and Opal embraces her friend. "Erica" acts like she doesn’t know her, but then tries to recover when Opal tells her who she is. Opal is not thrilled "Erica" was making "goo-goo eyes at Mountain Man." "Erica" acts offended and leaves.

Opal follows "Erica" home, but "Erica" doesn't feel like talking to her. Opal wants to know what she was doing canoodling with Caleb. "Erica" orders Opal to leave and to stick her nose in someone else's business, as Jack returns.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for "All My Children:"

Kendall covers with Ricky.

Griffin finds incriminating evidence.

Ricky discovers Spike doesn't know about the engagement.

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