The Sincerest Form Of Flattery.

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Erica's captor unleashes her ultimate plan, Madison is taken into surgery and Griffin snoops.

The Sincerest Form Of Flattery. image

After Madison throws Scott out of her hospital room, Ryan assures her Scott truly cares about her. Madison can only focus on her baby right now and then gets a pain. Ryan hails the doctor out in the hallway, as Scott tells Greenlee he doesn't care if Madison never talks to him again, he just wants her and the baby to be okay. After Ryan leaves Madison to rest, Scott walks in. He tells a sleeping Madison he is praying for her and the baby. He wants to give them the life she dreamed of and the life she deserves. He says he can do that because he loves her. Madison opens her eyes and asks Scott to leave. He tries to make her see how important she is to him, but she calls it all a lie. He reminds her of all the small moments that prove what they have is real and says he loves her.


Ryan and Greenlee meet up in a break room and she tells him she will fly in the best experts no matter the cost. Ryan asks what happened in the park with Madison earlier. She explains but then wonders if he is accusing her of causing the accident. Ryan isn't pointing fingers, but he's upset she kept so many secrets from him. Greenlee promises to make it up to him. Ryan just wants to focus on all the things he will do with his new little girl. Greenlee vows Madison and the baby will get through it and that they will all raise the child together.


The doctor, Ryan and Greenlee return to Madison's room as a monitor goes off. The doctor says the baby's heart rate is dropping significantly so they have to deliver the baby now.


Griffin breaks into Ricky's hotel room and opens his laptop to find a photo of Kendall with Zach and the boys, but with Ricky's face in place of Zach's.


In his living room, Jack plays Erica's video for Caleb and Bianca, where she tells them she was kidnapped. She says the kidnappers want ten million dollars. She suggests Caleb sell Cortlandt's shares in the quarries to raise the cash. Caleb says there are no quarries, so it's a clue as to where she is. Caleb and Jack head out to find Asher for help on finding where the video came from as Bianca stays behind in case the kidnappers call. Kendall shows up and tries to reassure her sister. Ricky then walks in the door. He gets filled in and tries to console Kendall, but she backs away. The sisters explain they want to be left alone because it's a family matter. He says he understands and will wait in the hallway. Outraged, Bianca opens the door and lies to Ricky saying there's a gas leak at the yacht club and they are doing a room-to-room search. Ricky hates to leave Kendall, but she says she understands. Ricky leaves and Kendall calls Griffin to warn him Ricky is on his way back.

Ricky returns to his room and suspiciously looks around. He feels his laptop, which is still warm and wonders who was there.

Ricky returns to Bianca at Erica's and accuses her of trying to keep him away from Kendall.

Kendall is relieved to find Griffin back at the house and runs into his arms.


Colby marvels over all the hits her vlogs are getting at the mansion. Asher thinks her confessions don't need to be about tearing people down all the time. She declares she doesn’t go after anyone who doesn't deserve it. Asher stalks off, but later returns when Jack and Caleb stop by. He locates an address and offers to help, but Caleb wants him to stay put. After Caleb and Jack leave, Asher tells JR Caleb needs his help.


Erica goes behind her bedroom walls and finds a woman who looks exactly like her. She demands to know who she is and what she wants. The woman pulls a gun on Erica and calls herself a nobody, but says her name is Jane Doe. They hear an alarm and Erica wonders what's going on. The woman knows it's Jack because she wanted Erica to drop a hint for them to rescue her. Jane freaks out a little bit because she's not quite ready for what's to come. Jane gets a call and tells Erica her rescuers are too close for comfort.


Jack and Caleb split up to search the quarry. Asher shows up to help Caleb and they find something that looks like a bomb. It starts to tick and then it explodes.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Griffin considers killing Ricky.

Marissa consoles Bianca over Erica.

Survivors emerge from the rubble.

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