Behind The Curtain.

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Erica gets a look at her captor, Jack gets a message from Erica and Madison lands in the hospital.

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A man walks into the room and grabs Erica after she can't get Spike to give the phone to an adult. The voice knows Erica was talking to Spike and says their time together is about to end. The voice questions her about some details on her life, but Erica is done. She says if they are going to kill her, then just do it. The voice responds that she won't die because she makes life worth living. Erica wonders what their plan is and the voice mentions asking for a ransom. Erica says it could have been over weeks ago if all they wanted was money. The voice tells her it's not over yet and gives her a script for a video ransom they will send to Erica's family. After she tapes her message, Erica pries open the door and goes behind the scenes of her room. She finds a woman who looks exactly like her.


After Spike hangs up the phone at Fusion, he tells Bianca Erica said she was in danger and needs help. Caleb walks in and Bianca fills him in. They head out to find Jack.


Jack and Krystal's kiss turns more passionate at his and Erica's place. They stop and Jack says he wants this, but he wants to take it slow so there are no doubts or questions on either of their parts. She wants it to be right just as much as he does. Caleb walks in and says Erica is in trouble. Caleb searches the house, as Krystal calls the cops. Bianca rushes over and talks with a frantic Jack, who then discovers the book with the phone is missing. He panics because no one else knew about the book except for Erica. Krystal feels she should leave because she's not family and Bianca probably doesn’t want her there. She assures Jack she knows the important thing is bringing Erica home. Alone in the bedroom, Jack gets a video message on his phone from Erica, who says she was kidnapped.


At Fusion, David announces he informed Madison about Scott's deal with Greenlee. As Ryan holds Scott back from going after Hayward, David takes delight in the fact that Greenlee has followed in his footsteps. Scott wonders why he would crush Madison like that. David smugly says he just told her truth, which is what Scott should have done from the beginning. David walks away and Scott tells Ryan he doesn't know what he'll say to Madison, but he has to try and make her forgive him.


In the park, Madison confronts Greenlee about setting her up with Scott. Greenlee tries to explain, but Madison is too furious and demands to know if Scott is still on her payroll. She tells him there was no money exchanged, but she did help him get out of prison and gave him a job. Greenlee insists Scott truly cares about her and that he pretended to be the father of her baby all on his own. Madison calls Greenlee a cold vicious machine, but Greenlee wonders when she's going to stop blaming her for everything that goes wrong in her life. After more words, Greenlee walks away and Scott calls Madison, who seems to be having physical discomfort. She doesn't want to talk to him and hangs up. She gets up to find Ryan.


Jesse walks into Fusion and sees Liza at the bar. He accuses her of trailing him so she can report back to Iris. As they bicker, David walks over and words are exchanged between him and Jesse. Liza assures David she can handle this and David walks away. Jesse badmouths Liza and brings Colby up in the process. Liza angrily tells him to leave Colby out of this because he has no idea what it's like to lose a child. Liza walks over to David and asks if he blew up Madison's world in hopes it would spill over to breaking up Ryan and Greenlee. That way he could have Greenlee for himself. Ryan joins them and says David is delusional if he thinks Greenlee would come back to him. Greenlee walks in and says no way in hell. Once alone with David, Liza continues to question his motives, but he thinks they are exactly alike. Liza assures him her ordeal with Colby has taught her that she needs to change. He doesn’t think a leopard changes his spots, but Liza is damn well going to try.


After losing control of her car, Madison is brought to the hospital, as Jesse stands nearby. Madison is taken away on a stretcher and Jesse calls Ryan. Scott walks up and learns about Madison from Jesse. Greenlee and Ryan join them and they discover Madison is in labor. They all head into Madison's room, but Madison demands Scott get out.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Madison is taken into surgery.

Jack, Caleb and Asher are caught in an explosion.

Ricky grows suspicious of Bianca.

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