Bottle Caps And Scrapbooks.

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Griffin gets a message to Cara, Erica forms a new plan, and Bianca helps Kendall.

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After a near kiss with Jack, an embarrassed Krsytal leaves his place. Jack finds a DVD and when he plays it, he sees an old interview of Erica talking about marriage. The interviewer brings up her many marriages and wonders if she's just not the marrying kind. Erica admits she might not be. Angry, Jack throws the remote across the room.


Erica gets her door open, but finds a wall right behind it. She gets frustrated, but then tries to think of something she can use to her advantage. She walks over to her food tray and swipes a roll, which she secretly eats by the window. The voice returns wondering why Erica hasn't eaten. Erica says she will not eat until she is released. The voice tells her if she doesn’t eat, she could die. Erica retorts that if she dies, she will do it on her terms and no one else's. There's more back and forth between the two and then the voice gives Erica a scrapbook of her life. The voice says it was a labor of love and then wants her take on every moment that brought her to where she is now. Erica says where she is now is being held captive and calls her captor pathetic. However, she vows the voice will never break her. Behind the wall, the voice secretly replays a video of Erica's words insulting him/her. Erica rants at the voice, believing it's Krystal and trashes the scrapbook in the process. The voice is offended and then says Erica doesn’t know what he/she has been through. In fact, Erica doesn’t know him/her at all. When the voice stops communicating, Erica looks for a way out of her room, but has no luck. She then thinks if she can't get out, maybe she can get bring her captor in.


Kendall visits Griffin at the abandoned house with some of Ryan's clothes and a treat from Spike's Easter basket. She wants Griffin to go far away, but he wants her to help him say goodbye to his sister first. He hates it, but he knows they have to lie to Cara in order to keep her safe. Kendall promises to tell Cara everything he wants her to. Griffin then makes Kendall promise to not see Ricky alone.


At Krystal's, Tad urges Cara not to do anything crazy regarding trying to find Griffin. He reminds her an immigration agent has been following them, so she needs to be careful. She gets upset and storms out.


Tad follows Cara to the park to make it look like they are making up after their first fight for the spying immigration agent. Kendall meets with them and says Griffin joined some doctors on the Afghan border. Cara knows the group he's with and notes they go to the most dangerous places so no one will find him. Kendall relays that Griffin loves her and is sorry for messing things up for her and Tad. Kendall gives Cara something from Griffin and leaves. Cara looks at the bottle cap Griffin gave her, which has meaning from their childhood indicating he will be back. Cara goes for a walk, but Jenny and Kathy her find her and comfort her, as Tad watches.


Kendall meets with Bianca at her house and tells her sister Zach was murdered. Bianca is floored as Kendall furthers explains how she thinks Ricky is responsible. Bianca assures Kendall she will do whatever she can to help. Kendall already has an idea of how she can.


Bianca sees Ricky sitting at a table at ConFusion and runs the other way. She sees Jack sitting alone and tries to console him over Erica. Bianca returns to Ricky and indicates that Kendall's feelings for Zach were changing before he died.


Jack finds Krystal at her restaurant who thinks she needs to put some distance between them. She says she can't work for him anymore.


Kendall returns to Griffin, who wants to make sure Kendall can protect herself. He grabs her and riles her up about Ricky, which upsets Kendall to the point of tears. Griffin holds her and when she breaks away, he suggests she use the closeness between her and Ricky to hit him in his vulnerable spots need be. Kendall gets a call from Ricky, who wants to see her now. Kendall says there's nothing she'd like more.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Asher hacks into Bianca and Kendall's email.

Kendall tells Ricky she and Zach fell out of love before he died.

Griffin spies on Kendall and Ricky.

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