Blind Date.

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Bianca's date hits a snag, Erica thinks she gets a clue, and Asher is on Caleb's side.

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Jack finds Krystal in the park looking at her phone. She smirks, but doesn’t share what she's looking at. Jack asks if he can take her up on her offer to spend time together, starting right now.

Jack and Krystal go to her restaurant and see a woman reading Erica's biography. Jack notes he just can't escape her, but Krystal thinks there's always a way. They sit down and Jack says he doesn’t feel the least bit guilty about being with her while Erica is gone. A waitress stops by the table and tells her boss someone called in sick so there's no one to run deliveries. After the waitress mentions Jack's failed wedding, he tells Krsytal there is no escaping it and thinks being there is a bed idea.

Jack returns home, but then decides to head back out when she sees a photo of Erica. Krystal stops by with papers for work. Jack laments his situation with Erica and then says he won't let Erica force him out of his own home. He grabs Krystal's arm and says, "Or you either."

As Erica tries to get information out of her captor, she is served a meal, which she recognizes from Krystal's. The voice doesn't confirm, but Erica notes the food is still hot, so she assumes she is in Pine Valley. She wonders who the voice is and asks, "What kind of a man are you?" The voice retorts, "Who said I'm a man?" Erica them jumps to the conclusion that her captor is Krystal. When she doesn’t get a response from the voice, she takes her fork and tries to unlock the door. She is successful, but when she opens the door she says, "Oh my God."


Colby meets Maya for the first time at the mansion. She's embarrassed she hasn't noticed her before after learning she's been there a few weeks. Maya leaves to get to work and Asher walks in. Colby wonders if she's a snob. Asher says she is, but it's because of how she grew up. Asher walks into the foyer and finds Maya signing for some boxes. Asher then answers the door to Caleb, who says he sent the stuff over for Colby. Asher asks if Caleb has talked to Erica, but Caleb doesn't want to talk about it. Asher then wonders if it is a good idea to use Cortlandt products at the Chandler mansion. He warns that JR will flip out, but Caleb doesn't give a damn. After secretly watching their interaction, Maya heads back into the main room and finds Colby working on her videos. Maya says she's seen them and that they sometimes say exactly how she feels.


After Marissa agrees to accompany JR on the double date with Bianca, they head to ConFusion. They sit down to eat with Bianca and her blind date Louise. After some chitchat, JR steps away to call home to make sure AJ is given his medicine. Maya answers and tells him Caleb stopped by with a bunch of boxes, but Asher knew he wouldn't like it. JR returns to the women and says he has to leave. Once JR is gone, Marissa talks Bianca up to Louise about her work at the Miranda Center. Bianca remains modest and also distracted, citing the publicity issues with the center. Louise offers some suggestions, but Marissa jumps in and says Bianca likes to lie low until she has all the facts. Bianca agrees and thanks Louise, but notes Marissa knows how she is. Marissa steps away to check on JR. Louise says she thinks the date was a bad idea because it seems like Bianca is interested in someone else.


JR returns home to find Caleb giving his equipment to Colby. JR wants the stuff out of there, but Colby wants him to back off. Caleb leaves and JR orders Asher to get rid of the stuff. Asher won't because it's between Caleb and Colby. JR gets upset, but Asher wants him to cut Caleb some slack because he's going through a lot.

JR returns to ConFusion and learns Louise has left. Bianca tells JR and Marissa things weren't going anywhere between them. JR asks if she still wants to go to the concert, but Bianca declines. After she walks away, the exes note Bianca deserves to find someone who makes her happy.

Asher heads to Krystal's and watches Colby's latest vlog where she commends Erica for bailing on her wedding. Asher sends Colby a message noting how she is always rooting for the breakup. Caleb walks in and confides in Asher about what happened with Erica. Asher offers to help find Erica, but Caleb thinks it's time to let go.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Krystal wants to quit working for Jack.

Cara finds support in Tad and his girls.

Kendall gets a call from Ricky.

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