Jab And Press.

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Griffin shows Kendall how to protect herself, Greenlee worries her marriage isn't legal, and Cara quits her job.

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Ricky fills Amanda in on Griffin's escape at the hospital. He tells her to go home and he'll handle the fall out there. He leaves a call for Cara on her voicemail.


After falling asleep in Tad's bed, Cara wakes up to him ribbing her about snoring. They talk about Griffin and how she helped him escape. Tad promises he'll keep her safe – whether it kills her or not. He tries to help her fall back to sleep, using goofy tricks he uses for Kathy and Jenny. Tad answers his phone to Jake who says he can't get a hold of Cara and he needs her at the hospital right now.


Tad and Cara meet Jake at the hospital so they can explain to the board how Griffin escaped. Jake will do everything he can to make sure Cara doesn’t lose her job, but she gets defensive and says she's got this one. She stalks off and Tad urges his brother to follow her. After meeting with the board, Cara and Jake tell Tad she resigned as soon as she walked into the room. Cara walks away to grab her things and Jake tells Tad she will need his support. Tad declares she's got it.


Tad follows Cara to Krystal's. He knows she will find another job. She's more worried about Griffin, but she is concerned about how she will fill her time. She needs the intense, round the clock type of work. As they eat, Tad suggests she get a hobby to fill her free time, like cooking or crossword puzzles. Tad grabs a paper off a nearby table and they work on a puzzle together. She thanks him for taking her mind of things for a little while.

Back at the hospital, Amanda and Jake talk about Cara as they eat. Jake says she made her choices and now she has to live with them. Jake gives Amanda her birth control pills he had filled for her, but when he steps away, she tosses them out.


Ryan tells Greenlee what's going on with Ricky at ConFusion, as Ricky watches them from the bar. Greenlee grows upset and they leave to see Kendall. Ricky meets with the realtor, who has a home for them in the South Pacific. He shows her the ring he has for Kendall and says he wants to make it official as soon as he can.


At Kendall's, Griffin says he won't let her face the man who killed Zach alone. Kendall wants him to leave so he doesn't go to prison for murder, but Griffin won't budge. Ryan and Greenlee pull up and Kendall gives Griffin her car keys so he can leave. Once Griffin is gone, Greenlee and Ryan come to the door. Greenlee promises they will get justice for Zach. Greenlee assures her she can trust her and that she will be there for her. They see Griffin's bag and Kendall tells them he didn’t leave town and that she is set on helping him.


Ryan and Kendall meet Griffin in the abandoned house. Griffin wants to talk to Kendall alone and Ryan begrudgingly leaves, but not before stating he will put a tail on Kendall to make sure she's safe. Once he's gone, Kendall eases Griffin's fears about Ricky hurting her by telling him Ricky is falling her for. She adds that she plans to make him fall hard. Griffin continues to worry, but she thinks Ricky will walk right into her trap. Griffin gives her an anesthetic agent that causes temporary paralysis she can use on Ricky in case he gets out of control. He teaches her how to inject it by using an orange. He tells her to jab and press.


Greenlee returns to ConFusion and talks with Ricky about Kendall. She then asks about his vocation. He suggests she come by his church to check it out. Ryan shows up and after Ricky leaves, Greenlee wonders if Ricky is even a minister. She has to find out if they are legally married and he promises to look into it. However, no matter what he finds out, she is and always will be his wife.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Erica is served food from Krystal's.

Bianca's date thinks she has feelings for someone else.

Asher lands in the middle of JR and Caleb's argument.

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