Don't Look Back.

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Kendall helps Griffin, Angie appeals to Jesse, and Cara worries.

Don't Look Back. image

In order to help Kendall break Griffin out of the hospital, Cara pulls the fire alarm. As Jesse tries to restore order, Cara finds Tad and tells him she set off the alarm and drugged the guard. Tad reminds her that's aiding and abetting a fugitive, which is a felony. She doesn’t care, but Tad declares that he does – a lot.

Brot finds David in the hospital hallway next to the fire alarm and accuses him of pulling it. Brot brings David to Jesse. David insists he had nothing to do with it, because at the time the alarm went off, he was discussing Angie's case with another doctor.


At ConFusion, Ryan and Ricky discuss Kendall. Ricky asks Ryan if he knows of anything he can use to help Kendall get over Zach and let the investigation of his death go. Ryan tells him that won't happen because Zach was the love of her life.


After finding Griffin's hospital room empty, Jesse questions Cara and Tad at the station. Brot walks in and says David's alibi checked out. Cara has nothing to say on the matter. Jesse warns they'll find out what happened so Tad says he did it. Jesse isn't going to arrest them, but warns Tad that even though they've been friends for a long time, that could change.


Tad and Cara sit in bed at home, as Cara worries about her brother. She thanks Tad for being there for her. He assures her he's not going anywhere.


Frankie visits his mother at home and learns about the experimental treatment that could restore her sight. Angie admits she still doesn’t trust David, but that doesn’t mean the treatment won't work. Frankie is wary of David and his vendetta against the family. She reminds him David wants his medical license back, so he won't hurt her. David stops by and Angie says she is ready to talk about his research. Frankie leaves and David and Angie discuss the procedure. Jesse walks in and is unhappy to see Dr. Hayward with his wife. Angie asks David to leave and he says he'll be in touch. Once David is gone, Angie tries to explain why she needs David right now. Jesse isn't sure she can trust him. Angie knows that but she just wants to give it a chance. Jesse sighs that he understands, but he wants to run everything by Frankie before she does anything. Angie agrees. He says he's onboard and Angie hugs him.


In the park, Kendall tells Griffin she discovered something regarding Zach's death that made her reconsider how he died. She tells him about the letter and the disc with the names on it. He asks if she still thinks he is capable of killing Diana or Zach. She gets emotional, as she tells him she believes he is innocent. Ryan finds them and panics over what Kendall is doing. She tells him she believes Griffin didn’t have anything to do with Zach or Diana's death.


Ryan brings Griffin to a safe place. Griffin goes inside the house, as Kendall asks Ryan if he can arrange to get Griffin out of the country. Ryan will see what he can do. Kendall walks inside the house after Ryan leaves and tells Griffin about her suspicions about Ricky. Griffin can't believe Ricky has been snowing them all this time. He warns her to stay away from Ricky, but Kendall needs to know if he killed Zach. She is sorry for putting Griffin through this but she needs to get him away from here. She says he is free to leave the country and save lives. She tells him to not look back. Griffin won't leave her there if she's in danger. Ryan walks in and assures Griffin he'll make sure Kendall is safe. Ryan has arranged for a plane to take Griffin anywhere he wants to go. Ryan waits outside but warns Griffin not to take too long to make up his mind. Kendall asks Griffin to forgive her. He says it's enough that she finally believed in him. Griffin leaves, but first orders Ryan to not let Kendall out of his sight. Not for one minute.


Kendall and Ryan head to Kendall's house. Ryan gets a call from his P.I. about Ricky and leaves. Kendall walks inside and finds Ricky playing with her boys.

Monday's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children.

JR is unhappy about Marissa and Scott's friendship.

Kendall goes out with Ricky.

Madison worries about her future relationship with her child.

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