Where's The Fun In That?

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

The voice continues to taunt Erica, Kendall forms a plan, and Ryan gets updated on Ricky.

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In her recreated room, Erica begs to know that her grandchildren are safe. The voice assures her they are. The voice makes references to her past and Erica wonders how this person knows so much about her. She asks what the voice wants, but the voice responds, "Where's the fun in that?" Erica tries to reason with her captor, but she gets no response. Erica is later served food and her favorite brand of water. Erica doesn't think the voice knows everything about her, but the voice says what he/she doesn't know, he/she will find out.


At the restaurant, Krystal tells Caleb she's sorry things didn't turn out the way he wanted them to with Erica. He retorts he would have been sorry had he not tried. She agrees sometimes you have to take a chance or you get stuck in a rut.


Jack looks at a photo of Erica at home, as Opal enters. She reminds Jack how much Erica wanted to marry him and believes she is coming home. Krystal stops by and Opal leaves them to talk. Krystal tells Jack how wrong it was of Erica to leave him. Jack wonders why Erica left him so publicly and why he keeps putting himself through this. Krystal lets him know she is there for him whatever he needs.


Opal heads to Krystal's and sits with Caleb. She notes how much time he's spent with Krystal and suggests he ask her out on a date. Caleb isn't interested.


Ricky boards the yacht as Kendall quickly hides Zach's letter. He asks to take her to dinner and she agrees, as Ryan joins them. Ricky tells Kendall he'll get in touch regarding their dinner and leaves. Kendall pulls out a laptop and tells Ryan she thinks she found proof that Zach was murdered. She shows him the letter and the zip drive Zach left for her. They look at the spreadsheets and a list of names from the zip drive. Kendall finds Diana's name and looks for another, but it's not there. Ryan wonders who she thinks is involved in Zach's death, but she's not so sure anymore. She doesn’t want to accuse someone and be wrong, but admits she thinks Ricky is behind Zach's death. She knows it sounds crazy, but rattles off her reasons for suspecting him. Ryan promises they will get to the bottom of this and agrees to her request of not involving the police yet. Kendall gets a message from Ricky telling her of the plans he made to meet at ConFusion. Ryan assures her he will be there watching over her. He takes the zip drive to look for anything that connects Ricky and Griffin.


After the thug makes it seem like he knows Griffin in the hospital, Jesse hauls him away. Cara apologizes to Griffin for making things worse instead of better. Griffin orders her to stay out of the rest of the investigation. Jesse returns and says the man will be kept in the holding cell, which sets Cara off since that's where Griffin is headed. Jesse assures them Griffin won't be attacked again. Cara asks to talk to Tad outside and declares Griffin isn't going back to jail. They walk away and Ricky emerges from around the corner. He sees Liza walk by and Ricky tells her he overheard a doctor say Griffin has made remarkable progress considering the severity of his so-called wounds. Liza then tells Jesse to get Griffin back to jail where he belongs. Cara and Tad walk up and Cara tells Liza how serious Griffin's condition is. Liza wants proof. Jesse and Liza step away to talk about Griffin's attacker and Cara tells Tad she is going to doctor evidence of Griffin's injury. Tad reminds her it's a felony and she could end up deported. Cara and Tad return to Griffin, who tries to change his sister's mind about falsifying his CT scans. Liza and Jesse walk in and Griffin announces he has made a full recovery and should be released.

Kendall returns to the hospital and gets yelled at by Cara. Kendall says she needs her help where Griffin is concerned. She asks her to create a diversion and then goes to Griffin to tell him she's busting him out of there.

As Liza tells Ryan at ConFusion that Ricky inferred Griffin is faking his injuries, Ryan sees Ricky at the bar. Ricky makes a reservation for him and Kendall, saying it's a special night as he fondles a ring box.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Cara is taken to the station.

Frankie worries David will hurt Angie.

Kendall tells Griffin her suspicions about Ricky.

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