Blending In.

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Kendall finds Zach's real letter, Emma gets trapped, and Tad saves Cara.

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Madison brings Scott a new tie at the hospital so he can start the new job he's applying for in style. He says it's not a big deal, but he would get a raise. After Madison has left for work, Scott receives a letter and learns he didn’t get the job.


After Greenlee assures Ryan at Fusion they will get through to Emma, Ryan leaves. Greenlee asks Emma what she wants to do for the day. Emma asks for the TV. Greenlee tries to explain her own past with her anger and how she missed out on things because of it. She urges her to let it go and asks her what she'd like to do. Emma says she likes to take pictures with her new camera. Greenlee offers to let her go to a photo shoot and gives Emma some photos so she can get a sense of their style. Emma finds a photo of Annie in the stack. Madison watches as Emma gets upset and runs to the broken elevator where she gets locked in. Greenlee sees the photo of Annie that Emma has thrown to the ground.


Ricky brings Kendall to the park for a picnic, as Kendall remains skeptical of the Reverend. Opal sees them and gushes over Ricky for making a house call to a friend he helped get a new job. Opal leaves them to their picnic and Kendall says she feels like she doesn't really know Ricky at all. He thinks she does and talks about how helping her through her grief changed him in every way. He knows she's still grieving for Zach and points out how Zach promised to be home for the holidays and to see Spike in the play. Kendall wonders how he knows that. Ricky covers saying she told him when she was drinking wine and highly emotional. Ryan joins them and asks to talk to Kendall alone. Ricky steps away and Ryan tells her he still hasn't found any hard proof about Zach's murder. Kendall just needs to go to the yacht and think, but she doesn’t think she can get away from Ricky. Ryan helps by asking Ricky to answer a few questions for him regarding his research.

Ryan and Ricky go to ConFusion, where Ryan questions the good Reverend about Diana. Ryan steps away to take a call and Ricky looks through Ryan's folder. He finds a photo of himself with Diana and pockets it, as Ryan learns Emma is trapped in the elevator.


Back at Fusion, the elevator doors open and Emma runs into Madison's arms. Greenlee scolds Emma as Ryan walks in. He tells Emma her behavior will stop today.


Kendall searches the yacht for answers and finds Zach's original letter. She reads that the names of the people who have stolen from Zach are on a hard drive which is in their special place. She knows Zach was trying to warn her about Ricky, as Ricky approaches the boat.


Tad tries to convince Cara at the hospital to let everyone else handle Griffin's case. He tells her the people after Griffin are too dangerous and he needs to keep her safe. However, Cara is set on finding the people who are after her brother. He reminds her they not only have to protect Griffin, but Kendall as well. Cara doesn't like that aspect, but Tad tells her they have to work both sides of it. They shake on it and Tad gets a call about a lead.


Tad and Cara go to Krystal's and find the guy who attacked Griffin. Tad instructs Cara to do nothing until he tells her to. They sit down to try and blend in, despite Cara's anxiety about being so close to the thug. They see the man leave the restaurant.

Cara and Tad follow the man to the park. Cara insists they split up to look for him and Tad tells her to call him if she sees him. Cara bumps into the man who pulls a knife on her. She fends him off, but then he gets the upper hand until Tad knocks him out. They call Jesse, who handcuffs the guy.

Jesse, Tad and Cara bring the thug to Griffin's room. Griffin identifies the man, who makes it seem like he knows Griffin and attacked him in retaliation for Griffin killing Diana.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Erica tries to make a deal.

Kendall tells Ryan she might have proof Zach was murdered.

Krystal consoles Jack.

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