Leave It Alone.

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

The Martins question Jesse, Angie wants more information, and Ricky makes plans.

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At ConFusion, Tad tells Jake people are starting to notice him hovering around Cara and it needs to stop. Jake gets defensive, but Tad suggests they each take care of their own wives.


Randi drops in on the Hubbards. She steps away to take a call as Angie asks Jesse if he wants to hold their daughter. Jesse tries to avoid it, but Angie insists. As Jesse takes her in his arms, he thinks about Ellie. He gives Lucy back to Angie and runs out to work. After Jesse has left, Angie confides in Randi that Jesse seems to have a sadness inside of him. Randi admits it's hard for her to not think about the baby she lost when she's around Lucy. She says there is nothing like the pain and emptiness of losing a child. Angie says she had that same feeling for a moment when she regained consciousness after giving birth. She didn't know what happened and was so afraid. Randi leaves to pick up more diapers and Angie sings to Lucy. She stops and says she would do anything to see her beautiful face. There's a knock at the door and Angie opens it thinking it's Randi, but David enters. He brings her some pamphlets on the experimental treatments and after some initial resistance, Angie asks him to read them to her.


The Martin brothers stop by the station to talk with Jesse. Tad admits Angie called to express her concern. They know he is shutting people out and they ask what's going on. Jesse insists there is nothing wrong, but Tad notes he's been like this since Lucy was born. Jesse wants them to leave it alone. When they don't, Jesse shouts at them to back off. Jake gets a call and leaves for the hospital.


As David explains the procedure to Angie at the kitchen table, Jesse returns. He finds David holding Lucy and orders him out. Jesse demands to know what David was doing there. Angie tells him David thinks he can restore her sight. Jesse doesn't trust David, but Angie cries as she says she just wants to see again.


At home, Kendall expresses her doubts over Ricky to a photo of Zach. She doesn't know who to trust anymore. Ricky stops by to say he has plans for the two of them, but an on edge Kendall says she has to work.


Bianca visits Griffin in the hospital. He tells her he didn't kill that woman. Cara says he was falsely accused and falsely charged, which Kendall made happen. Bianca doesn't know what to believe, but Griffin insists he will prove his innocence. She tells him the Miranda Center donors are threatening to withdraw all funding. He announces he will resign until it is all cleared up. Kendall enters after Bianca has left. Cara wants her to leave, but Griffin has something to say. Based on the evidence, he understands why Kendall would believe he was guilty. Cara can't believe what he's saying and then lashes out at Kendall. Kendall apologizes and says she'll deal with things on her own. Cara follows Kendall out in the hallway to yell at her some more. Ricky is brought up and Cara explains how Ricky was grilling her about Kendall and Griffin. Cara says the two of them deserve each other. Cara returns to Griffin and tells him she will find the men who are after him. It means a lot to him, but he doesn't want to worry about her being in danger. Jake enters and Cara tells him Griffin is doing too well and will probably end up back in jail. Jake retorts that in his opinion, Griffin is actually critical. He also informs Griffin he could lose his medical license.


Bianca finds a somber looking David in the park. He says he's been thinking about his daughters and how he's lost them all.


Ricky meets with a woman in another part of the park. He talks with her about a house for his fiancée and her two boys.

Kendall heads home and finds Bianca on her couch. They talk about Griffin and then Bianca brings up Ricky. Kendall asks how well she knew him before she asked him to perform Zach's service. Bianca says he worked at the center and may have tried too hard to impress her, but he has turned out to be a godsend. Bianca leaves and Ricky returns to make sure Kendall is okay. She says she needs to get back to work, but he says she is coming with him and he won't take no for an answer.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Tad accepts Cara's help with his investigation.

Scott reaches out to JR.

Kendall finds Zach's original letter.

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