It's Going To Be Okay Sweetheart.

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Kendall suspects Ricky, Griffin is charged, and Erica breaks Jack's heart.

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Still in St. Bart's, Bianca worries to Marissa about Erica. She then gets a call about Miranda Center donors pulling out because of Griffin's arrest. Marissa offers to make some calls to help. JR and AJ surprise Marissa and Bianca leaves them alone. After Marissa expresses her confusion over JR and their kiss, AJ says being there is cool because it's like the family trips they used to take.


In her recreated bedroom, Erica is given caviar and fresh fruit as well a piece of paper. She is instructed to write a note to Jack explaining why she will not marry him. Erica doesn’t think Jack will buy it, but the voice knows she can convince a man of anything. Her first draft is rejected because it was written in code. The voice tells her she will call Jack instead of writing a letter. She is warned against giving Jack any clues, as a video of Miranda and the nanny plays in the room. It is revealed that the nanny is in cahoots with the voice. Erica says she'll do it. The voice calls Jack for Erica, who talks over the speaker so the voice can hear. Erica urgently says she can't marry Jack right now because of all the pressure coming from both him and Caleb. She says she needs more time, but he isn't convinced she doesn’t love him. After the call, Erica worries Jack thinks she has feelings for Caleb. The voice asks if she does. She insists she loves Jack. She's always loved Jack, but now she's broken his heart. Erica then realizes the voice wants something more from her than money.


Angie practices Braille while Jesse works at home. Lucy cries and Jesse hesitates to check on her. He thinks she wants her mommy, so an annoyed Angie picks up the baby. She asks Jesse if everything is okay because he seems distracted lately. He plays it off, but she knows something is eating him. Brot calls Jesse to tell him a suspect in Griffin's stabbing has been seen at the airport. Once Jesse has left, Krystal stops by and holds the baby, as she details the drama with Jack and Erica. Angie gets her to admit she has feelings for Jack. Angie then shares her concerns about Jesse and how she can't read him these days.


After hanging up with Erica at home, Jack calls Jesse, who can't do much. Caleb tries to make sure Jack knows that Erica was dead set on marrying him when he left her in St. Bart's and then leaves. Jake makes some calls to let everyone know Erica is okay. Krystal stops by to check on Jack.

Asher heads to Krystal's after hearing the news about Erica. He finds Caleb and wonders if he is okay and what his next move will be regarding La Kane. Opal pipes up and says Erica is in love with Jack, which makes her concerned over her friend's disappearance.


Ricky and Kendall show up at the hospital to see Griffin. Ricky wants to go in the room with her, but she insists she go alone. Kendall assures Griffin she didn't want anything bad to happen to him. He asks why she isn't in St. Bart's. She explains Erica is missing. She fears it has something to do with the casino business. She asks if Griffin knows anything and he gets defensive thinking she is accusing him of being behind it. Kendall insists she doesn’t believe that, but Griffin wonders what kind of monster she thinks he is. Kendall points out that he did lie to her. He again explains why he was stealing the drugs and advises her to be careful. She tears up as she grows confused over his concern for her. Ricky returns and thinks Griffin upset her. Kendall asks Ricky to leave, but Griffin states they are finished. Ricky assures Ricky he will take good care of Kendall. Once Griffin and Kendall are gone, Jesse stops by to tell Griffin the grand jury met on his case and he is being charged with murder.


Ricky brings Kendall back home. Kendall gets a message that Erica is okay and then feels bad she almost accused Griffin of kidnapping her mother. Ricky consoles her as she wonders who she can trust these days. He says, "It's going to be okay sweetheart," which makes Kendall pull away from him. She looks freaked out and says she needs to be alone right now. After he leaves, Kendall grows more upset as she recalls the word sweetheart being used in Zach's letter and suspects Ricky is behind everything.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Tad questions Jesse.

Tad wants Jake to stay away from Cara.

Ricky makes plans for him and Kendall.

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