Because You're Erica Kane.

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Erica faces her new reality, Jake covers for Griffin, and Ricky scrambles.

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After Cara calls Jake for help, Jake and Amanda rush to the prison cell to tend to Griffin.


Cara and Jake bring Griffin to the hospital as Jesse shows up to place a guard at the door. Cara is skeptical of the guard, but Jesse assures her no one will try to stab him again. He promises to find out who attacked Griffin. Cara returns to Jake and Griffin, as Amanda observes the closeness between the exes. Jesse reenters to tell them there were no fingerprints found. After some private pleading from Cara, Jake makes Griffin's condition seem worse than it is so he doesn’t have to go back to jail right away. After Jesse leaves, Griffin worries about Kendall, but Cara thinks she can take care of herself.

In another part of the hospital, Amanda tells Tad she will play nice, but she won't pretend not to see what she sees, which is that Cara still wants Jake.


Jake finds Amanda in the hallway and tells her he lied about Griffin's condition. She worries he is risking too much for Griffin and Cara. She fears he will get hurt, but he assures he'll be fine.


At the St. Bart's hotel, Opal admits to Jack Caleb was there, so he might be the reason for Erica's delay. Opal insists Erica loves Jack though and that she had no doubts about him, but Greenlee expresses her disdain. Jack wonders if Erica is so certain about marrying him, then where is she? He states he has to find her but Greenlee doesn't think he should. Kendall and Greenlee get into and then everyone disperses.


As Erica sits tied up in a room, a distorted voice talks to her over a P.A. system. The voice assures her he is not Caleb as she thought, but doesn't give her any information. Erica unties herself and takes off her blindfold. The lights go on revealing Erica is in a room that looks just like her bedroom. She ask the voice why he/she doing this. The voice says, "Because you're Erica Kane." Erica looks around the room and discovers a brick wall on the other side of the window.


In their hotel room, Greenlee packs to leave while badmouthing Erica. Ryan tries to calm her down, as Madison walks in calling Greenlee names. Ryan orders his daughter to apologize, but she won't and locks herself the bathroom. After Ryan can't get through to Emma, he steps outside to take a call. Greenlee tries to reason with Emma, who says she hates her. Greenlee urges the little girl to believe she loves her and that she wants them all to be a family. Emma opens the door, as Ryan returns. Emma tells Greenlee she is sorry for the things she said. She then asks Ryan if she can see Annie when they get home. Ryan will see what he can do. Greenlee and Ryan go in the hallway and Greenlee says it's too soon for Emma to see Annie. She worries it will do more harm than good. Emma overhears them and then rips up a flower saying, "You can't stop me from seeing my mother."


Jack races home and finds Caleb at Krystal's. He demands to know what the mountain man did with Erica. Caleb responds that Erica made a choice and it wasn't either of them.

Bianca stays behind in the hotel lobby and talks with Marissa about Erica. Jack calls and tells Bianca Erica is not in Pine Valley.


Back in St. Barts, Ricky tries to make Kendall feel better about Greenlee and Griffin. Jack texts Kendall to say Erica is not with him in Pine Valley. Kendall worries Zach's casino partners have her. She then tries to get a hold of Griffin, despite Ricky's protests. She learns Griffin was stabbed and Ricky talks as if he died. Kendall corrects him and says she needs to talk to Griffin face to face. Ricky suggests she stay there in case Erica turns up. Bianca and Marissa show up and Kendall shares her fears that Erica was kidnapped by Zach's casino partners. Ricky tries to diffuse the situation, but Kendall announces she has to see Griffin. Bianca says she'll stay behind and Marissa offers to keep her company. Ricky won't let Kendall go back alone and leaves with her.

Monday's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Erica is forced to break Jack's heart.

Krystal and Angie confide in each other.

Ricky lashes out at Griffin.

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