As Simple As That.

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Erica makes her choice and then goes missing, while Griffin is attacked.

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Greenlee, Ryan and Emma join the rest of the family in St. Barts for the wedding. Emma wants to go see the ocean with Ryan until Greenlee says she'd like to go too. Greenlee walks away to talk with her, as Ryan questions Kendall about Griffin. Ricky gets a call that the hit on Griffin is on. Kendall asks if there's news on Griffin. Ricky knows she doesn't want to think the worst of him. Kendall just can't believe Zach would have been so wrong about someone. He thinks she is also upset about being at the wedding while she's still grieving for Zach. She notes he always sees what others don't and calls him special. He is touched because not too many people say that about him. Jack finds Greenlee having a hard time with Emma. He encourages his daughter to be patient with Emma and to never give up. Meanwhile, Ryan talks with his daughter about Greenlee. Emma says she wanted to spend some alone time with him and sweetly asks if she hurt Greenlee's feelings. He thinks Greenlee is tough. They hug and Emma shoots daggers Greenlee's way.


At the St. Barts hotel bar, Marissa gives Bianca the good news that Reese has agreed to joint custody. Bianca is happy to hear it, but a little sad Reese can walk away so easily. The nanny brings the girls over and Bianca tells them she will always choose them first. After the girls have left, Marissa tells Bianca about her kiss with JR. They have a drink at the bar and Kendall approaches. Marissa heads out to the beach, as Bianca tells Kendall that Reese gave up the custody suit. The sisters commiserate over being at the wedding while suffering heartbreak.


In the hotel room, Caleb asks Erica to leave with him. He promises she won't regret it. She says she can't because she loves Jack and has known him much longer than Caleb. He counters it's about what you feel, not about time. He says he will wait for her at the airport and will leave it up to her. Caleb leaves as Erica recalls conversations with both Caleb and Jack. A distraught Opal drops by and Erica catches her up on what Caleb said. Opal wonders what she's going to. Erica runs to the bathroom to put on her lipstick. Opal asks who she is primping for. Erica can't believe she has to ask that after all these years. Opal thinks she is making the right decision. Erica says there was no decision to make because Jack gets her and has never let her down. She loves him. It's as simple as that. Opal is thrilled. After Opal leaves, Erica pensively looks at her engagement ring.

Opal returns to the rest of the group to tell them the bride is on her way. As Erica waits in the wings to make her entrance, someone puts a cloth over her mouth and grabs her. When Erica doesn’t show, Kendall and Bianca leave to look for their mother, but have no luck. Greenlee suggests Erica is making a quick getaway. Since she was the last one to see Erica, Jack asks Opal if there is something she needs to tell him.


Erica wakes up blindfolded and tied up in a darkened room.


Jake brings Amanda and Trevor to the park for a picnic. They put together some Easter baskets for Trevor, Jenny and Kathy and discuss adding to their family.


While Cara races off to file an appeal on Griffin's behalf at the jail, Tad asks Griffin if he has any more secrets. Griffin gives his word he does not. Tad leaves to make an appeal to someone who he thinks will laugh in his face. A guard arrives to drop off Griffin's food. Once he's in the cell, the guard stabs Griffin. Cara returns to find her brother passed out on the floor. She calls for help and urges Griffin to hold on. A new guard opens the cell and Cara tends to her wounded brother. She then calls Jake. Jake ignores the call, but Cara persists until Amanda convinces Jake to answer. Cara urgently tells him Griffin has been stabbed and she needs his help.


Tad meets with Liza at Krystal's to plead Griffin's case. Liza would love to help, but she can't. Tad thinks it's more like she won't. Liza says it would jeopardize her integrity as the D.A. He counters she just doesn't want to help his wife.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Jack confronts Caleb.

Kendall and Greenlee argue.

Amanda shares her frustration with Tad.

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