Mommy's Here.

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Jesse is forced to deliver his and Angie's baby, Jack and Erica make plans, and JR makes progress.

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On the yacht, Erica tells Jack she doesn’t want to wait any longer. She wants to surprise the world by announcing tomorrow morning that they've gotten married. Jack wonders if she wants to surprise the world or Caleb. He knows she's reacting to something Caleb said to her and he wants to know what happened. Erica tries to deflect, but eventually shares that Caleb thinks there's more going on between them than just work. She assures him that's not the case though. She wants to prove to Jack how much she wants to be his wife again. He agrees to run off and get married and they plan to meet up later.

Asher returns to the mansion and learns JR set up the date between him and Colby. AJ tells JR he wants to call his mommy. JR allows it and AJ asks Marissa to come over to kiss him goodnight. Marissa asks to talk to JR, who insists it was all AJ's idea. Marissa agrees to come over.


While Marissa talks to AJ on the phone at ConFusion, Caleb talks to Bianca about Erica. Marissa returns to Bianca and Caleb to tell them she's heading out. Once she's gone, Caleb indicates Erica's relationship with Jack won't last. Bianca doesn’t think he knows Erica at all. Later, Jack finds Caleb at the bar and makes it clear Erica is with him, so he shouldn’t wait around for her.


Erica goes home and finds Bianca, who questions her about Caleb. Erica assures her daughter there's nothing to worry about and that she and Jack are getting married tonight. Bianca knows someone will get hurt, because it feels like Erica is challenging Caleb to step up his game. Erica knows Caleb will get over it, but she's not marrying Jack to bait him. Bianca wonders why she can't wait for the wedding they've already planned. Erica says they don't want to wait another day. She declares she is marrying Jack because she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Bianca hopes she means that.


When Marissa shows up at the mansion, she learns JR offered Reese a job in order to force her to drop the custody suit. She wonders why he would do that. He knows this is an important case for her, but he also didn't want her to go through another painful divorce proceeding. He will never stop trying to help his family. AJ runs in with a game, but JR tells him Marissa needs to go home. Marissa pipes up and says she'd love to stay and play. Caleb stops by to drop off something for Asher. JR says he's not there. Caleb wonders how JR got Marissa to stop by. JR tells him he's not a quitter and goes after what he wants until he gets it. Caleb thinks they might not be as different as he thinks. JR returns to his family, as Marissa gets a call from Bianca. Marissa assures Bianca she's got everything handled at the mansion and she'll talk to her tomorrow.

Caleb shows up at Erica's, but learns from her maid that Erica has gone to the boat to get married.


Erica boards the boat, where Jack tells her he wants their wedding to be memorable so they are going to St. Barts to get hitched.


In the abandoned house, Jesse tries to help Angie, who is screaming out in pain. He puts her on the couch and she tells him there's no time – she's going to have the baby now. Jesse can't get any cell service and heads out to the car to try and call for help. Angie cries as she talks to her baby and then begs God to bring her daughter in the world unharmed.


A distraught girl puts a box in Brot's police car and cries as she walks away. The girl watches from the bushes as Brot gets in his car and looks in the box. He then hears Jesse's distress call on the police radio.


Jesse brings his radio into the house and demands an ambulance be sent for them. Jesse finds some blankets and pillows and tries to make his wife comfortable. He then starts to help Angie give birth, but Angie grows too weak and passes out. Jesse's on his own as the baby is delivered. Jesse panics when he discovers the baby isn't breathing. Brot runs in with the box, as Jesse performs CPR on his baby. Brot checks on Angie, who has a pulse and then tends to Jesse, who frantically works on his baby. When the baby doesn't respond, Brot urges Jesse to let it go. Jesse holds his baby and cries as he tells Brot how much they loved Ellie. Through tears, Jesse apologizes to his baby for not doing enough. Brot assures him it wasn't his fault. They hear a baby cry and Brot opens the box from his car and brings out a baby. He tells Jesse someone left the child in his squad car. Angie wakes up and says she hears Ellie crying. She says, "Mommy's here." Jesse just silently cries as he continues to hold his stillborn baby.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Kendall confides in Greenlee.

Kendall wants to help Griffin.

Amanda insists she's unaffected by Jake and Cara.

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