Madison Asks How High.

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Ryan needs Madison again, Emma has trouble readjusting, and JR blames himself.

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In his hotel room, Griffin tells Kendall she can't go to the charity function for the Miranda Center with him tonight. She leaves in a huff and then Griffin gets a call from Ricky, who disguises his voice to cancel his meeting with Diana.

Emma lashes out at Greenlee and Ryan at home. As they try to reassure her about Annie, she yells out that her Mommy told her Daddy doesn't care about her. They try to calm her down, but Emma only wants Madison. When she doesn't get her way she storms out of the room. Greenlee gets a call from Kendall asking about Emma. Ryan tells Greenlee to go to work and he will deal with Emma. Greenlee doesn't want to, but agrees after Emma calls out just for her Daddy. Greenlee leaves and Ryan says he wants to take Emma to another doctor, but she only wants Madison.

Kendall goes to Fusion and runs into Bianca who informs her the Miranda Center function was canceled. Greenlee shows up and after Bianca leaves, she tells Kendall Emma can't stand the sight of her. After Greenlee exits, Kendall summons Griffin to her office. She calls him out on lying about the fundraiser. She assumes he had a hot date and he plays along. She wonders why he didn't tell her and he says it felt uncomfortable. She's happy he's getting out and having a life. As they head to the elevator though, Kendall's look suggests she's more bothered by his date than she let on.


In their studio, Madison and Scott go over baby names, but come up empty. Frankie stops by and Scott leaves. Madison tells Frankie Ryan knows he's the father of the baby, but nothing changes. She will still raise the baby on her own. Ryan calls Madison to tell her Emma wants to see her and asks her to meet them at the hospital. Madison hangs up and Frankie notes she's still jumping when Ryan calls.


JR sits at home looking at a photo of Annie. He gets a call from Amanda, who offers to cancel their meting because of Annie. He says no and plans to meet her at ConFusion.


After Amanda gets off the phone at home, Jake learns where she's going and says it bothers him because he's protective of his hot wife. Amanda appreciates that and then heads out.

Cara is thrilled to see Tad return home after a three mile run. He then thanks her for convincing Krystal not to move out with the girls. She retorts it's nothing compared to what he's done for her. Griffin shows up and tells Tad Diana's people canceled the meeting. He says he wants to catch the casino partners by surprise, but Tad warns him against that. Once Griffin is gone, Opal finds a jubilant Tad. She points out he's got a renewed spring in his step.


Cara and Jake meet up at the hospital and she tells him Tad is running now. She also notes he is an incredible fake husband and a special guy. They get to work on a few cases together and have a few laughs along the way.


Frankie sees Scott at the hospital and brings up Ryan always pulling Madison back into his life. He then sternly adds he doesn't want to see anyone else do a tap dance on Madison's heart. Scott assures him he and Madison are cool. It's all about her baby and he doesn't want anything serious right now.


Elsewhere in the hospital, Emma and Ryan find Madison, who wonders who the father of Madison's baby is. Ryan admits he is, but lets his daughter down saying he and Madison aren't getting back together. Jake and Cara show up and Ryan talks with them privately about how angry Emma is with him. Cara and Jake leave to talk with Emma and Ryan thanks Madison for being there. After Cara returns with Emma, she overhears Jake calling the nanny to stay longer with Trevor because Amanda is not back yet.


Amanda sees JR drinking at ConFusion and assumes he's fallen off the wagon. He assures her it's a non-alcoholic drink. They talk about Annie and JR blames himself for what's happened. Amanda assures him it wasn't his fault and urges him not to blame himself. Jake shows up and says maybe he should. He tells them about seeing Emma and chastises JR for thinking he could handle Annie. Jake makes disdainful comments about their 'business meeting' and leaves. JR notes to Amanda that Jake doesn't seem too thrilled that they are working together.


Jake returns to the hospital and finds Cara looking for a gift for Tad online. She finds something perfect for him and Jake dryly observes that she has gotten to know Tad pretty well. Amanda later shows up and the Martins embrace.

Madison helps Ryan bring Emma home, which Greenlee isn't too thrilled about. Madison leaves and Greenlee pulls out Emma's princess dress. Emma seems happy, but when Ryan leaves the room, her smile fades. She says costumes are for babies an stomps out of the room.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Liza kisses David.

Colby makes Caleb and Erica an offer.

Jackson picks a location and date for the wedding.

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