Annie's Back.

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Cara appeals to Krystal, Annie and Emma return, and Griffin makes plans to help Kendall.

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Griffin shows Tad and Cara Zach's letter to Kendall. Tad agrees Zach would never use the word sweetheart. Griffin explains how Kendall couldn't get over the letter but didn’t want to obsess. Cara thinks they should let Kendall get over it, but Griffin is worried about her safety and states he will be looking into it. Griffin leaves, as Krystal walks downstairs. She tells Tad and Cara she is moving out. Krystal asks for a minute alone with Tad and tells him she's trying to help him sell his marriage by leaving with the girls. Tad questions this, but Krystal reminds him they are sisters and she will not separate them. Tad won't let her break up this family. Krystal leaves and Opal enters. She tries to plead Krystal's case, but he doesn't want to miss anything in his kids' lives. He admits he didn't think through everything it would cost him by marrying Cara. Opal thinks his girls will be proud of him when they eventually learn and understand what he did for Cara. Tad jokes he will probably be dead by then.


Cara heads to Krystal's restaurant to talk to her about staying at the house. Krystal thinks it's too dangerous for everyone if they stay. Cara knows it won't be easy, but she doesn't think it's impossible. She promises to do everything in her power to help Krystal and her children. Krystal wonders if she can sell the situation to the feds. Cara truly loves being surrounded by a loving family after all her years of traveling. She thinks immigration will believe it's what she wants because it's the truth.

Krystal returns to Tad and tells him she's staying because Cara changed her mind.


Annie brings Emma to the park in Pine Valley. She tells her daughter they can't trust anyone there, but they need to get some money. Annie sees a man walk up and Emma hides. Annie approaches the man, who she thinks is Scott. Annie begs him to help her, but it turns out not to be her ex-husband. She pushes him, steals his wallet and takes off with Emma.


Madison stops by, as Ryan and Greenlee wait for word on Annie and Emma at home. Ryan offers to put Madison up at the casino, but she adamantly tells him she's happy where she is. Brot calls Ryan to tell him about the man Annie attacked, who recognized her from a photo. Ryan and Greenlee run out.


As Brot and Greenlee stand nearby, Ryan questions the guy Annie attacked. Ryan worries that if Annie sees Scott when she looks at this man, what must she see when she looks at Emma?


Annie brings Emma to the man's hotel room. Annie assures her daughter the man won't be back because he hurt his leg. Emma asks if she's okay because she thought the man looked like Scott.


Scott meets Madison at their studio. They talk about how they turned down JR and Ryan's condescending offers to live in cushier places. Emma calls Madison and says she's worried about her mother. After Madison hangs up with Emma, she calls Ryan and tells them Emma and Annie are in town at a hotel. Madison worries, but Scott assures her everything will be fine. However, he knows she is a strong independent woman, who doesn’t need anyone's help. She knows he cares and supports her, but he doesn’t control her like the other men in her life have done. She feels like they are equals. She says she really wants to kiss him. He says, "Allow me," and pulls her in for a smooch.

Ryan and Greenlee race to the hotel. Ryan kicks the door in and finds Annie. He demands to know where Emma is. She tells him she's in the shower, but Ryan can't find her. He wants to call the cops, but she panics. He promises they will figure it out together – nobody else. She starts to cry because she's scared and he vows to keep her safe. She sees Greenlee and lashes out at Ryan. As she melts down, Ryan tries to calm her down with reassurances that he will help her. He says they both want to do what's best for Emma so she needs to tell him where she is. Annie tells him she is right there hiding behind the couch. Ryan and Greenlee look concerned because Emma is not there.


At home, Kendall talks to Ricky about letting go of Zach's letter. Griffin then stops by and tells her he's going out of town and wanted to leave some contact numbers in case she needs anything. Ricky smugly assures him he'll be around if Kendall needs anything. As Griffin checks Kendall out, Ricky sees Zach's letter in Griffin's bag and snags it. Once Griffin has left, Ricky gets a fake call and tells Kendall they found out where some of the kids in his teen program are getting their drugs from – Pine Valley Hospital. He asks if she knows anything about it.


Cara finds Griffin at the hospital. She worries he's putting himself in danger to help Kendall. He feels the need to help Kendall because of her bond with Zach that defies reason. When she looks skeptical, Griffin reminds her she knows exactly what he's talking about. He says he made a promise to keep Kendall alive and he won't break it.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Griffin wants to meet with Diana.

Annie is restrained.

David tries to reestablish himself.

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